What Are Best Beach Sunglasses?

If you're planning on spending any time at the beach this summer, you need to invest in a pair of beach sunglasses. The sun's rays are intense and can damage your eyes if you don’t protect them adequately. But what exactly does "protecting your eyes" mean? And how do you choose the right pair of beach sunglasses?

Most people don't realize how harmful UV rays can be to their vision until it's too late. Exposure to UV radiation damages cells in the eye that help us see clearly. This results in cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) over time. These conditions ultimately lead to permanent blindness if not treated quickly enough!

Fortunately, there are several ways to protect against UV damage. One of the most effective and convenient methods is wearing beach sunglasses with a UV filter. This is especially crucial while engaging in activities that expose you to the sun all day, such as spending the day at the beach.

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What Are the Best Beach Sunglasses?

It can be challenging trying to navigate the world of eyewear. How can you determine which ones are suitable for your particular requirements, such as a beach day?

Luckily, we've narrowed it down to five different styles of beach sunglasses. Hence, you won't have to be worried about it.

However, it is essential to note that each type of beach sunglasses serves a distinct purpose, so you must select the one that best suits your lifestyle and demands.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

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If you're looking for a go-to pair of beach sunglasses that are just as good at the beach as on the street, clubmasters are your best bet. They're a classic style and offer an intense, bold look that will make you stand out in any crowd.

But there is one catch: these beach sunglasses aren't ideal for swimming or water sports. If you plan on spending time at the beach and getting wet, you should pass on these frames until later in the day when everyone's headed home.

They may not be ideal for going swimming, but they offer excellent protection from harmful UV rays without obstructing your vision due to their frame shape and size.

The width and height of this style also make them easy to spot if you lose them while having fun at the beach! No wonder these are included in this list of beach sunglasses.

Wrap Around Sunglasses

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When you're at the beach, your eyes are exposed to sand and water. On top of that, if you wear regular pairs instead of beach sunglasses, your lenses tend to get dirty from all the sand. Wrap-around sunglasses protect your eyes from these hazards by fully covering them up.

This frame is best if you have sensitive eyes. It will keep more light out than a regular pair of glasses would. However, be aware that this style won't work for you if you wear contacts or have laser eye surgery. That’s because it has no space between the frame and the lens. Thus these beach sunglasses can’t accommodate contact lenses.

Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are best for beach sports, like surfing and paddle boarding. They tend to have more coverage than other types of sunglasses, making them great for blocking harmful UV rays.

Sports sunglasses also tend to be less stylish than other types of sunglasses because they're designed to not slip off your face while you're wearing them while you're engaging in physical activity.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing! If you spend most of your time at the beach or poolside enjoying some water sports and want something that can handle some abuse and isn't too expensive, then this makes fantastic beach sunglasses.


Goggles are the best beach sunglasses since they help protect your eyes from sand and water. They tend to be less expensive than other sunglasses and can help you see better in the water.

One drawback is that they are not as stylish as other options and often challenging to find in stores, especially if you have a smaller face and don't want a pair that makes you look like a scuba diver.


Goggles may not be ideal for beachgoers looking for beach sunglasses that are more fashionable or comfortable than traditional swimming goggles.

However, they're an excellent option if your primary goal is protection from wind, waves, or sand while participating in water sports such as surfing and kayaking.

Green or Pink Tint Sunglasses

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For people with sensitive eyes, pink or green-tinted beach sunglasses can be a great option. This type of beach sunglasses reduces the light that enters your eyes, making you less likely to get headaches when wearing them in bright environments.

Also, these lenses are very effective at protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. This might be the best choice if you're looking for a pair of beach sunglasses that will allow you to see clearly in both air and water.

When buying any type of sunglasses, ensure they have either a green or pink tint on them! They don’t just protect the eyes but also add a pop of color and style to your beach outfit.

Key Takeaway

With all this information, you're well on your way to ensuring that the time you spend at the beach is as enjoyable and safe as possible. If you wear the right beach sunglasses and take other precautions like staying in the shade, keeping hydrated, and wearing sunscreen, you'll feel comfortable and confident while out in the sun.

Remember that it's essential to protect yourself from UV rays and sand flying into your eyes while playing on or near the beach; this is why choosing polarized sunglasses to reduce glare is a must!