Legits and Right Ways to Store Sunglasses

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How do you store sunglasses? It's a question I've struggled with for years, and I'm sure many of you can relate. My solution has been just to put them in a case and toss the case in my backpack. But that only works if you're like me and your backpack is always with you.

If not, you might often find yourself at home or work without anywhere to store sunglasses when they're not on your face — which will inevitably happen. But don't worry! There are plenty of ways to store sunglasses so they won't get damaged or lost:

Importance of Storing Sunglasses the Right Way

It is essential to store sunglasses properly to ensure they are protected. Sunglasses are delicate items that must be handled carefully to avoid damage and scratches. They are expensive, and you should want to keep them in perfect condition. Storing sunglasses properly can help reduce the risk of losing or damaging them when not used. Here are some tips on how to store sunglasses:

Store Sunglasses in the Original Sturdy Box

The best way to store sunglasses is to keep them in the box they came in. If you don't have the original box, have another sturdy box on hand (think: jewelry box) and store sunglasses until you get a new one.

It is essential to store sunglasses in the original box because it's not just about protecting them from scratches but also from dust, dirt, and other contaminants like smudges or fingerprints.

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Without proper protection, these substances can damage the lenses and coatings on your sunglasses over time. But if you store sunglasses adequately sealed up in their original packaging at all times, then none of those harmful materials will ever touch them!

Store Them in a Cool and Dry Place

The first thing to consider is where you will be storing sunglasses. Never keep them in direct sunlight or any other heat source. Also, avoid storing sunglasses in a humid area because this can cause the lenses to get fogged and damage them over time.

Also, avoid storing sunglasses in places with dust or other particles that might scratch the lenses and chemicals, such as cleaning products that may leave residue on the sunglasses if left out for too long.

Get a Sunglasses Organizer Box or Pouch

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Are you a sunglasses fanatic? Then you may have multiple pairs to take care of. I recommend getting a sunglasses organizer box or pouch. Many options are available online, but the best ones are made with a soft material like velvet. This type of material will protect your sunglasses from dust and scratches.

While getting a box, make sure it has dividers inside so you can organize your sunglasses according to their size and shape. This also helps to prevent sunglasses from bumping and damaging themselves.

Store Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses Separately

It is not ideal to store sunglasses and prescription glasses together. The risk of scratching your lenses or frames is high, so you'll replace them sooner than you might have liked.

Store Them in the Drawer


Storing sunglasses in a drawer is a good idea, but you want to toss them in with protection. Other items, like keys, scissors, etc., can scratch or damage your sunglasses. To ensure this doesn’t happen, store sunglasses in a hard case and then keep the case in the drawer.

Don't Hang Them on Wall, Jewellery Stand, or Anywhere Else

Don't hang your sunglasses on the wall, jewelry stand, or anywhere else. This is a common suggestion from other blogs and publications, but it's a big mistake.

If you hang your sunglasses, they will be prone to accidents and, thus, damage. The best place to store them is in a safe place where they are unlikely to fall or be knocked over.

Put Them in a Tray Near the Door

If you wear your sunglasses often, it can be a pain to dig through your closet whenever you need them. To make things easier, try to store sunglasses in a sturdy box and keep the box in a tray near the door.

That way, when you want to put on some shades before venturing outdoors, they'll be right where they're supposed to be—and so will everything else: keys, wallet, purse, etc. This way allows ease of access and convenience.

You May Store Them in the Car

The compartment near your mirror is an excellent option for storing sunglasses. Another option is using a glasses clip that hangs on your visor. This way, they're always within reach and won't get lost under all the other junk in your glove compartment.

If you want to store sunglasses out of sight but still handy, try storing them in an organizer case that fits into one of the storage spaces in your car (like underneath the dashboard).


In conclusion, there are many ways to store sunglasses. It all depends on what you're looking for in terms of storage options and convenience. Some people prefer a case that keeps their glasses safe and protected, while others prefer a cloth pouch that doesn't take up too much space in their home or office desk drawer. Whatever you choose, just ensure your designer pairs are always safe and protected!