What is Blue Light?Why is it bad for your eyes?

Sunlight contains all different colors, some you can see and some invisible to human eyes.

Let's not get into serious physics😉, different color has different wavelength and energy.

And the BLUE LIGHT has highest energy.

So when you exposed to these lights, blue light has strongest impact to your retina.

What dose blue light do to you?


Can't Sleep Well

Digital Eye Strain

Macular Degeneration

After wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • No Headache

    By filtering blue light, your headache will be decreased

  • Ease Eye Strain

    You will feel less eye fatigue/dry eyes

  • Sleep Better

    You will be easer to fall a sleep

    and have quality sleeping through the night

  • Prevent Vision Problems

    Decrease the possbility of have vision problems

  • Have more options to choose to match today's outfit

Who need blue light glasses?


Office Lady

Game Player

Just Netflexing

Why choose SojoS blue light glasses?

  • We have the technology make lens filtering harmful blue light

  • Have clear vision

  • Our frames made with high quality materials

  • You'll LOOK GREAT with our glasses

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