Fashion Inspiration: How To Dress For A 90s Theme Party

90s fashion was iconic! From Spice Girls-style platforms to tamagotchis and colorful 90s patterns, 90s style is making a comeback. This article is going to help you find the best outfit for attending the fantastic 90s theme party. No matter which 90s look you decide on, you'll be sure to stand out at your next 90s theme party and make it a night to remember:

90’s Made Bold Statements!

90s fashion

The 90s were a time when fashion made bold statements, often mixing the traditional with the new and unusual. 90s people had a "go for it" attitude when it came to their personal style, refusing to be confined by typical trends that were dictated by fashion magazines or television shows. Embracing unique styles like grunge, 90s fashion was meant to be lived in and utilized in everyday wear rather than put on display as a statement piece only for special events. 90s people didn't care about being understood by anyone who wasn't in their clique; the best thing about 90s fashion was that feeling of belonging, even if your style didn't match the status quo.

90s Theme Party Dress Ideas

SOJOS prepared several dress ideas for you:

Baseball Hat with Metal Oval Sunglasses

90s fashion

The 90s was a great time for fashion, especially with bold and unique styles. One of the most iconic 90s looks is twisted braid hairstyles, which are easy to style while still making a statement. To complete the look, pair twisted braids with some oval sunglasses and a baseball hat to top it off with a fun vibe. The great thing about 90s fashion is that all these items can be found at almost any store in modern times and make for an effortless throwback style. With this classic look you can instantly channel the free-spirited look that made 90s style so memorable!

90s Pink Sequin Mini Skirt with Bold Sunglasses 

The pink sequin mini skirt was a popular trend in the 1990s and its popularity has only grown over time. Whether you're headed to a 90s theme party or just feeling nostalgic, pink sequin mini skirts offer an effortless way to add a touch of sparkle to any outfit. Rocking pink sequins from head to toe is always a surefire hit and are guaranteed to give any outfit some serious flair.

Channel your inner Spice Girl in a 90s pink sequin mini skirt! This statement skirt is the perfect blend of edgy and fun. Paired with bold retro sunglasses, you can create an iconic look from the past that will make heads turn on your next night out. Add a pair of strappy heels for maximum impact - this skirt is all about standing out in style! Now let's go show the world who's boss.

90s fashion

90s Classic Suits with Cat-Eye Sunglasses

90s fashion

You can also dress up in items inspired by popular television shows or movies with references to Friends, Clueless, Saved by the Bell, or other beloved 1990s characters. However you choose to dress up for this occasion, you're sure to have an unforgettable time!

The Clueless dressing style has made a comeback in recent years, as people look back fondly on the classic 90s fashion trends. Taking classic suit staples and giving them a high-fashion twist, this style of clothing is characterized by short skirts, heavily patterned blouses, and bright colors. That classic yellow plaid skirt you may have seen online is definitely a classic Clueless look that never goes out of style. To add some charm, you can wear a pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Whether they’re black or bright colors, they can bring you a different flavor.

90s Leather Baggy Pants with Alien Sunglasses

The iconic look of the 90s was all about chic and attitude, and a classic way to capture that vibe at any 90s theme party was with a pair of leather baggy pants and alien sunglasses. The signature high waistlines on the baggy pants cinched together with a belt, made them one of the most fashionable items of clothing for people looking to make a bold fashion statement in the 90s. They could be paired with oversized flannel shirts or T-shirts for maximum effect when coupled with alien sunglasses – complete with bright colors and thick plastic frames to convey a unique look from an era gone by.

By simply dressing, you don't need to overly obsess about your match. You can easily complete the 90s dress code by just using everyday pieces.

90s fashion


Attending a 90s theme party is an exciting chance to have some retro themed fun! To complete your 90s look, it's essential to find the right outfit for the occasion. Think 90s dress style: try to incorporate retro silhouettes such as mom jeans and crop tops combined with throwback details like vintage oval sunglasses. With this 90s-inspired ensemble, you'll look ready and stylish at any 90s theme party!