Check Out: 5 Best Tips for Buying Sunglasses

I really wanted to write this article to kind of explain to people what are some of the things that you need to look for when you’re buying sunglasses. There are a lot of great benefits to sunglasses not only do they make things more comfortable when you’re heading out in the bright light but they actually protect the eyes from the sun, the wind, and the dust. So let’s go over my five tips.

Whats the tips for buying sunglasses?

Tip Number One: UV light protection.

So tip number one would have to be UV light protection. You need to get that 100 percent UV light protection and you can see tags on some frames. It may not say 100% UV but 400UV. You really need something around 400 nanometers of light or less. You really need that full protection otherwise all you’re going to do is you’re going to allow that pupil of yours to dilate and let more sunlight into the eye which will actually advance your development of both cataracts as well as other potentially retinal diseases. There are even times where if you’ve ever gone to the pool or if you’ve gone to the lake and you’re getting a lot of sunlight exposure that sunlight can actually cause sunburn on your eye and we call that photokeratitis so if you have another cheap pair of sunglasses that don’t have 100% UV protection, you might as well toss them. Stop wearing them.

UV tags

Tip Number Two: What their tint or color is

Tip number two is going to be the tint or the color of your sunglasses. Now the tint can actually affect what you see, how you see it, and of course how you look. So I want to break down the advantages and disadvantages of those different tints or colors. So the first one we want to cover is the gray lenses. The gray lens is great because it does bring down the brightness level without affecting your color vision. That’s a great advantage but otherwise, they’re pretty much the basic neutral color. So the next one I want to cover is the brown or amber tinted lenses. This type of lens actually does fantastic at increasing your contrast sensitivity. It actually improves your depth perception. It helps you a lot especially if you’re driving or if you’re doing boating or any outdoor activity. I really prefer these ones. The downside compared to the gray lenses is that they can play a little bit with your perception so if you’re color deficient, you don’t see red or green. As well wearing brown or amber lenses, especially if they’re on the darker end of the spectrum, may play around with your color vision. So be careful about that one.

Tip Number Three: Polarization

Tip three is going to be polarization. Polarization is a special type of filter that’s built into your glasses that helps reduce the amount of glare coming off of water, ice, or really any flat surface making the polarized lenses ideal for anybody who’s into sports, or someone who drives a lot, I think that polarized lenses are a must-have. Now if you’re not sure if one frame is got a polarized lens in it or not, you can always ask somebody at the optical.

Tip Number Four: Style

So tip number four is actually going to be style. Now this one is a little bit more kind of personal for you. I will recommend two timeless styles to you.

The first one is the aviator. The design of aviator sunglasses was inspired by the need for better eye protection for pilots. The large lenses provide excellent coverage and help to reduce glare from the sun. The frame is designed to be lightweight and comfortable, and the arms are typically longer than traditional sunglasses so that they can be worn over a pilot's helmet. Today, aviator sunglasses remain a popular choice for both pilots and civilians, and their classic style has been embraced by Hollywood celebrities and fashion icons. Whether you're looking for functional eyewear or simply want to make a fashion statement, aviator sunglasses are a great option.


The second one is square sunglasses. Rectangular silhouettes have found their home in 2022, and a large number of fashion lovers have rekindled their love for it under the influence of a host of celebrities. The classic black sunglasses suits everyone who wears them well, making their overall look trendy and chic. Kendall Jenner, a big fan of this frame type, gave Rectangular silhouettes a variety of ways to match. You can wear rectangular silhouettes for your summer outing or for a simple and cool outing. The straight lines and sharp angles of square eyeglass frames appear more assertive and bold than traditional round styles. Aside from that, the basic square-frame glasses don't require much thought, and they can set off most people well. For the dressing, it's not a difficult style to manage either. So, for those who want a pair of glasses, square glasses are a very good choice to start with.

Tip Number Five: Quality

Then tip number five. It is going to be quality. Now quality can mean a lot of different things to different people. With sunglasses, of course, you can go to the store and buy a five-dollar cheap pair, but you can tell they’re just not made as well as other expensive ones. The plastic is made very flimsy, the actual hinges are about to break off, and the lenses themselves even though they are 100% UV light protection, are just not as good lenses. They are already got little dings and scratches on them and they’re only a couple hours old. They cannot give you a good clear image through the lenses. So a higher quality, more expensive pair will actually be a lot more pleasing in terms of the image quality that you get with less distortion.

All right, those are my five best tips for picking out sunglasses. Hope it’s useful and educational for you.