90s Fashion with Fantastic Retro Sunglasses

"Say goodbye to 2022 and hello to the 90’s (again!)"

In a world of Friends, velour tracksuits, and Super Mario, many have stepped back in time to look at 90’s fashion and the impact of retro sunglasses. So let’s delve straightaway into why retro sunglasses are making more of a comeback than Mike Tyson.

What Was the Inspiration Behind 90’s Fashion?

A host of style icons, musicians and film stars had a major influence behind 90’s retro sunglasses. As part of their appearance, these fashion-conscious individuals played an integral role in turning unique eyewear into a must-have accessory.

Role Models

With a tremendous influence on the catwalks of Paris, London, and Milan, models including Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Linda Evangelista were often pictured sporting a variety of vintage sunglasses

Fast forward to 2022 and we are seeing similar styles adorning male and female wardrobes. Think wide leg denim jeans, bucket hats and ultra sleek sunnies offering the highest form of minimalism.

But what comes around goes around as they say. This no-nonsense decade-defining era has returned with gusto dominating our Tweetdecks, Facebook chats, and Instagram posts.

But I hear you cry…what about those 90s retro sunglasses? Is your closet crying out for a little nostalgia? Three decades on, we check out the hottest 90s retro sunglasses still creating a storm among today’s fashionistas.

The Oval Look

Oozing sophistication and style, a pair of trusty oval sunglasses was a renowned staple for many back in the 90’s. Oval retro sunglasses were de rigueur and remain a genuine head turner.

Thanks to sleek acetate frames, there are several retro sunglasses offering the ideal accompaniment to a long trench coat or black leather biker jacket.

As cool as George Clooney and as timeless as Marylin Monroe, the oval form is a real winner with both ladies and gents alike looking to pay tribute to the 90s.

Heck, even celebs got in on the oval retro sunglasses act. Many musicians such as Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain opted for thick-rimmed shades with a myriad of multi-colored frames.

oval sunglasses

Oversized Retro Sunglasses

What better way to upgrade your wardrobe and tip your hat to the 90s than with a pair of oversized retro sunglasses.

A vital part of ’90s hip-hop culture, these particular types of retro sunglasses were all the rage. Some of the most famous artists to don a pair of these beauties included TLC, Aaliyah, and the legendary Mary J. Blige.

90s fashion

From Brad Pitt busting his moves in Fight Club to The Notorious B.I.G. and P Diddy, the 90’s hip hop craze remains as eye-catching as ever. Whether sipping cocktails, strolling down the beach, or having an after-work dinner, oversized retro sunglasses are sublime eye candy for those ’90s fashion fanatics.

Tortoiseshell Retro Sunglasses

With style to rival that of David Beckham, tortoiseshell retro sunglasses are another symbolic fashion piece that can elevate any outfit.

With some frames made from acetate plastic, this classic look is simple but very effective - with a modern twist. Look effortless and match them alongside a pair of blue denim jeans or a crisp white shirt for the ultimate 90’s demure.

Delivering sharp aesthetics with a hint of chicness, these retro sunglasses can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with consummate ease. Better still, they have the ability to compliment all manner of face shapes.

It doesn't matter if you are a polarized type of guy or gal…bring your wardrobe right up to date for the ultimate 90’s statement.

Circular Retro Sunglasses

Beauty is most definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Now, another striking type of retro sunglasses that shone throughout this decade were circular shades. These distinctive retro sunglasses could be seen on a number of different celebrities throughout this era.

Take for example Jennifer Aniston who brought circular retro sunglasses to the fore in the hit US sitcom Friends. Or 90’s trendsetters like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake who wore circular sunnies across several NSync music videos.

Aviator Retro Sunglasses

With the latest Top Gun: Maverick movie released, movie buffs and style gurus alike have been licking their lips again over aviator retro sunglasses.

Since 1986 when the first Top Gun burst onto the silver screen, Tom Cruise has been rocking these shades with aplomb. This eye-popping legacy truly captured the zeitgeist with remarkable growth during the 1990s.

Featuring classic lines they benefit from first-rate durability ensuring their position as one of the most instantly recognizable pair of sunnies ever made. But hold on there’s more.

Weighing less than 12 grams, these feather-like retro sunglasses are also lightweight but extremely robust. This popular style of shades has a wealth of instantly recognizable features like teardrop frames and an easily adjustable nose bridge.

Furthermore, there are a variety of advantages for outdoor enthusiasts. If you love going off-piste, mountaineering, or sailing the seven seas, it has excellent anti-glare properties. Vintage collections mean you can take advantage of a range of exciting lenses from green and gold to purple and pink.

But did you know these specific retro sunglasses have been around for the best part of a century?

Who Invented Aviator Sunglasses?

Previously known as pilot's glasses, they were originally created by Bausch and Lomb in 1936. Developed to give protection to pilots during the flight, aviator sunglasses were born and later used in World War 2.

These shades replaced the outdated flight-type goggles as aviators were far slimmer, lighter, and elegant.