How To Look Good In Glasses?

Glasses aid you in improving your vision and protecting your eyes from harmful light. However, you can also select an elegant pair of glasses to make you look good as well. So, both your vision and appearance are enhanced. The twin effects of improving your productivity and uplifting your personality can recharge your self-confidence.

Your glasses include both prescription glasses and sunglasses. There are thousands of frame designs and lens colors with specialized features. It would be overwhelming to select the one that suits you better than the rest. And if confused, you might end up picking any, only to be disappointed later.

Which glasses look good on you actually depends on various criteria. Selecting your glasses within those parameters would be the best approach to selecting the most suitable pair that would look good on you. This article will provide you with tips on how to look good in glasses and accentuate your personality.

Glasses Matching Your Face Type

Sunglasses are an extra accessory to your face that should ideally match your face shape. A mismatch would look weird and conceal your actual personality. People may even mistake your taste for lack of style or regard you as unapproachable.

You may refer to this article for a detailed explanation of different face types and easily distinguish yours. Here is a ready reckoner to select your glasses suiting your face type.

Round Shape 

Choose square or rectangle spectacles if you have a round face to offset the roundness of your face. Avoid round and rimless frames because they will not complement your face shape.

Oval Shape

If you have an oval face, search for frames that have a strong bridge and are wider than the widest region of your face. When paired with an oval shape, geometric frames look fantastic.

TIP: Oversized frames might ruin an oval face's natural balance and proportion.


Oblong Shape

Choose frames with more depth than width to balance out your oblong-shaped face. Look for frames with ornamental side elements and a low bridge. Avoid using round or small frames.

Heart Shape

A heart-shaped face, often known as an inverted triangle, has a broad forehead and a small chin. Use frames that are broader at the bottom to balance off the wider upper half of your face. Light-colored frames and rimless frame styles are ideal for this face shape.

Diamond Shape

People with diamond-shaped faces should wear cat-eye glasses or oval frames. These frames will highlight your petite brow and chin while drawing attention to your cheekbones. Avoid boxy or thin frames, however.

Square Shape

If you have a square face, choose eyeglasses with oval or circular frames that sit high on the bridge of your nose. To prevent making your face appear large or overweight, choose angular and boxy frames that draw attention to your angular features.

Glasses Matching Your Facial Features

Your spectacles should complement, rather than contrast, your facial features. If you are proud of a particular facial trait, such as blue eyes or prominent cheekbones, go for frames that highlight this characteristic.

If you have blue eyes, you can wear blue frames. You can also experiment with conflicting colors. Purple frames could go well with green eyes.

Your hairstyle may look beautiful without glasses, but it will seem different once you put them on. So, next time you get a haircut, take your glasses with you to show your stylist. Match the color of your frames to the primary tone of your hair. You can wear red frames to complement your red hair.


More than your eye color or hair color, your skin tone is a key determinant for eyeglass frames. One typical factor that you may overlook is the quality of your skin. If you have oily skin, a matte finish will work best for you. The matching frame color can complement your skin complexion elegantly.

TIP: Avoid using black eyeliner and dark shadows.

If you have a cool skin tone, use black, silver, pink, purple, blue, gray, or dark tortoise frames. Look for frames in light tortoise, beige, gold or honey, olive green, and brown tones if you have a warm skin tone. Avoid pastels, as well as white or black frames.

In addition to your skin's radiance, consider the density of your hair. Many people's hair thins as they get older, but your spectacles might divert attention from your hairline.

TIP: Wear hats with thinner brims that sit off your face and hair accessories that are sleeker.

Make your eyebrows match the style of your frames to add dimension to your face. If you have thick, striking frames in a bright hue, keep your brows simple and neutral to avoid competing with your spectacles. If you have basic or rimless frames, emphasize your brows to attract prominence to your eyes.


Glasses Matching Your Lifestyle

With the perfect frames, you can improve your professional image. If you operate in a corporate atmosphere, conventional frames are often the best choice. For a professional look, oval, rectangle, and almond frames are ideal.

For women, common colors for this style include gold, burgundy, silver, brown, and gray. Unless you operate in a creative and/or casual setting, avoid frames with bright colors or distinctive shapes.

Consider glasses that fit your demands if you live a sporty or very active lifestyle. Choose glasses with polarized lenses or shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Wraparound glasses can also assist the glasses to stay in place.

If you're a parent, put on functional glasses. Functional does not mean unattractive. Ovals, soft cat-eyes, and wedge-shaped rectangle frames are versatile, simple, and fashionable. Choose frames with metal elements or simple patterns to lend a personal touch.

TIP: Blend the metals in your jewelry to the color of your glasses. 

Avoid frames that can wipe you out and colors that are too bright on your complexion. Neutral materials, such as Tortoiseshell or clear acetate, flatter most wearers. Basic hues such as black, silver, and gray are fine choices, but you can add a twist to your look by selecting glasses in unconventional colors such as plum and soft green.

Glasses are subject to frequent fashion changes. If you want to be fashionable with your spectacles, explore current fashion trends. If you want to show your creativity and fashion sense, don't be afraid to experiment with distinctive and colorful styles.

Consider modern frames with a geometric design that is made of metal. Large frames in vibrant colors or floral patterns are also fantastic for displaying a unique flair.


Taking Pride in Your Glasses

Confidence has been shown to improve people's physical appearance. You may simply need to boost your self-esteem before folks believe you look gorgeous in your spectacles.

Wearing glasses might make you feel self-conscious, especially if you're new to wearing them. You might even look hotter with your glasses than you did before you had them if you choose the right frame, color, and stylish pair of glasses!

TIP: Choose sparkly small studs that will provide a hint of polish without becoming distracting. 

Style and design are personal preferences. Choose attire that complements your spectacles' style. You'll have to try on a variety of looks and clothes. Men may be interested in learning how to dress effectively to help them appear their best. Women, on the other hand, may explore how to dress well.

Avoid getting caught in a single pattern for glasses to keep fresh and look much younger in your frames. Feel free to experiment! Keep up with the latest eyewear trends – and look smarter in the process.

When you've found the perfect frames, get your glasses adjusted from every angle. This includes both straight across your face and from the sides to complement your ears. It is critical to strike a proper balance for your unique face shape, or else your frames will appear uncomfortable and unfinished.


Glasses were originally seen to be nerdy and unattractive. That notion has long since vanished after the fashionistas involved in creating designer glasses without losing the usage of lenses. Times have changed, and that's good news. People nowadays regard glasses as not only important for correcting vision impairments but also as fashion accessories and embellishments for any attire. So, pick the best glasses, look hot, and walk in style.