Korean Style Glasses

If you are a fan of K-dramas, you have most likely noticed Korean-style spectacles. Going back in time, some of the world's most renowned people have worn Korean-style glasses for a long time. You can't deny that Korean eyewear has taken over a certain fashion status.

This eyewear was then unknown or just circular glasses, but now such frames are everywhere. It gives off a retro vibe and brightens up practically any face.

The trend is quickly gaining traction these days, with style divas such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner embracing Korean-style glasses. Circular-shaped glasses are the craze these days, thanks to Korean celebs like Taeyeon, Hyuna, and Kim Da-som who have made these once-nerdy frames stylish again.

With so many different styles to pick from, the shape of your face can greatly affect how your new pair of spectacles look on you. But do circular Korean glasses suit all? Are there other shapes to fit different face types? Let’s find out.

What are Korean Style Glasses?

If you're one of the millions of people in the world who enjoy keeping up with the most recent style and beauty trends, you should know Korean-style spectacles. They can transform and improve the way you look, giving you a more complete and confident feeling.

Most Koreans like round glasses these days with the popularity of Korean dramas. Those circular metal frames with smooth narrow rims look quite pretty on almost all types of face shapes. Hence, the name Korean glasses got popular.

Celebrities in Korea are adopting this new style of eyeglasses that has emerged in South Korea, and it is gaining popularity quickly in Asia and the US. Korean-style glasses have been gaining popularity among Korean celebrities and young people who want to emulate their looks.

Why Are Korean Glasses Popular?

Korean styles that are mostly small and delicate. As Asians, Koreans have small and flatter faces. In the beginning, people didn't use glasses as a fashion item. Glasses were just a tool used by Koreans in their daily lives to correct their vision. Later on, glasses gradually became the item that the protagonists of TV dramas would wear when they were not in makeup. They use the glasses as an accessory to reflect their casual dress or to cover up their face when they don't want to wear makeup.

The popularity of Korean-style spectacles can be attributed to a few factors. First, they are now a fashionable addition. Korean-style glasses are regarded as a contemporary and fashionable option in Korea, where wearing glasses is frequently perceived as a fashion statement. Second, people in modern society will be more exposed to electronic products; it is claimed that glasses can shield the eyes from the negative effects of blue light.

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Airport attire was first made popular by Korean celebrities who wanted to hide from the paparazzi and crazed fans. They adore oversized sunglasses. It has since unwittingly become ingrained in Korean culture. In addition to those lifestyle tabloids and fashion runaways, airport styling has become an innovative platform for creativity in fashion trends.

They are ideal for daily wear because they are lightweight and have conventional, thin metal frames. Contrary to other forms of eyewear with bolder designs that make them difficult to mix with clothes, Korean glasses' simple design makes it just as convenient to match them with your outfit.

Even with more formal work attire, you can choose to wear these reliable round glasses because they still project professionalism. What versatility, isn't it?

The rising popularity has made manufacturers introduce these glasses in acetate frames and in a variety of colors. They are much cheaper than metal. But, before you rush to the local optical store to follow the trend, first consider your face shape.

Which Face Type Looks Good in Korean Style Glasses?

Korean-styled eyewear is fashionable and is designed to fit the contours of your face. The sales of Korean-style glasses are high in South Korea and other Asian countries like China and Japan. It is fast raising its popularity in western countries too. A lot of people have tried them on in the US and EU nations, and their popularity is increasing every year.

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There has recently been a surge in demand for genuine Korean eyewear and sunglasses styles. The most intriguing aspect of this style is that it may be worn with any type of material, such as metal, acetate, or a rimless look. But do Korean glasses suit all face types? Let's examine which face shapes look best with round Korean glasses.

Square-Shaped Face

Circular frames appear somber on people with square faces because of their sharp edges. On a square face, round Korean spectacles create a cheerful and jovial aspect that harmonizes the wearer's appearance and personality. They make you appear sophisticated and attractive.

Oval-Shaped Face

A wider forehead and a pointed chin are characteristics of oval face forms. Any type of frame, whether square, circular, or another geometric shape, fits them perfectly. Choose any of the shapes if your face is oval-shaped; it will make you look attractive.

Diamond-Shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces, which have a thin chin and forehead, are rather uncommon. Get spectacles with rounded, gentle curves to balance out your angular features. The cat-eye is your best option because how its elongated shape draws attention to your cheekbones. You can also choose top-heavy eyewear, such as horn-rimmed glasses, which balance out your features by adding breadth to the brow.

Korean Style Glasses 2022

Most of the time, people just need to shop around for a good pair. It's fine to fall in love with one at first sight. But don't forget to try out different shapes, sizes, and colors before making a choice.

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Metal Square Glasses

Metal Square Glasses is the most classic Korean eyeglasses style. It is also the type most often worn by Korean celebrities. Usually, these glasses will be gold or silver in color. The metallic color makes the glasses look more delicate and also gives the wearer a literate look.

Half Rimmed Glasses

Half Rimmed Glasses will be more popular among people who work in the office. It is suitable for people who like mature style. Meanwhile, half-rim is not limited to women's wear, it is a unisex style. 

Retro Round Glasses

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As mentioned earlier, Koreans prefer small and delicate designs. Small round glasses were a very popular style in Korea in the early years. In recent years, the retro style has become popular, and these retro round glasses have come back to the public. The most classic one is definitely the black round frame, but a leopard print looks both trendy and lovely.


The trending popularity of Korean Style Glasses is likely to continue seeing popularity among all ages and cultures in the years to come, along with the growing rate at which Korean dramas and movies are being released. Indeed, keep an eye out for this popular eyewear trend. So, in turn, Korean glasses have become popular. And if you're looking for a new pair of glasses, give the Korean-style a look.