Are Titanium Frames Worth the Hype & Price?

Why Are Titanium Frames Becoming Increasingly Popular?

What factors do you consider while shopping for eyeglasses? Probably just the affordability, lens material, and aesthetics, right? However, the material of the eyeglass frames is equally as important as anything else. That's because eyeglasses are a daily accessory prone to wear and tear. As a result, it is critical to find a very robust frame.

Even though the mainstream is plastic frames, titanium frames are the most trending right now. And the primary reason for its popularity is its extreme toughness. Several more factors justify the high cost of titanium frames. Let's look at how and why titanium frames are worth it! However, before we get there, it's important to note two types of titanium frames: pure titanium frames and titanium alloy frames.

Pure titanium frames are 99% titanium, while titanium alloy frames are a 75/25 blend of pure titanium and other metals. Titanium alloy frames, also known as memory titanium or bendable titanium, are the more durable and preferable of the two. Now that everything is known let's delve into why people are going gaga over titanium frames.

Why Are People Obsessed With Titanium Frames?

Despite being slightly more costly than other frames, titanium frames are raging among eyeglass wearers. But why are people willing to purchase it when cheaper alternatives are available?

Read about the many benefits of titanium frames, and by the conclusion of the article, you'll want one for yourself.

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Titanium Frames Are Highly Flexible

Since titanium frames are incredibly flexible, they do not require cautious care. When you bend plastic or other frames, they tend to break instantly; titanium frames do not. The titanium frames can be bent to extremes without breaking.

It will, in fact, return to its original shape. you can rest assured that even if you unintentionally sit on your titanium frames or fall asleep when wearing titanium frames, the frame will not break.

Titanium Frames Are Quite Durable

If you are concerned about spending more money on just a pair of glasses, you are fretting needlessly. You are upgrading your glasses more frequently due to normal wear and tear.

However, titanium frames are more resilient to ordinary wear and tear than regular frames. This implies they will survive for several years, and you will not have to replace your glasses. As a result, purchasing titanium frames is a long-term investment.

Titanium Frames Are Pretty Lightweight

Bulky eyeglasses are synonymous with discomfort and pain. They are unpleasant to wear for hours and cause recurring headaches. But say goodbye to them and get yourself titanium frames. Did you know they weigh 40% less than other eye frames? Sure, they're not as light as plastic frames, but they're far more sturdy or attractive.

So, titanium frames are your best bet if you want something gentle on your face but also snug. Don't mistake their low density for fragility; as you know, they are incredibly robust and can be used all day in the workplace or for demanding activities such as sports.

Titanium Frames Support High Prescription Lenses

The best functionality of the titanium frames is their capacity to handle high prescription lenses. Again, kudos to its toughness for making this possible. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that they are the ideal choice for everyone.

Titanium Frames Are Corrosion Resistant

When metal frames come into touch with water, they usually rust. And this might be the reason you're afraid to try titanium frames. The good news is that titanium is an inert metal, which means it will never rust.

So, titanium frames should be your go-to eyewear if you spend a lot of time in the sun, at the gym, on the beach, or in other areas where moisture and humidity are prevalent.

Titanium Frames Tend to Be Skin-Friendly

Are you allergic to metals? Thankfully, titanium is an inert and hypoallergenic metal. It is skin-friendly due to its hypoallergenic properties.

As a result, even if you have sensitive skin, you can wear titanium glasses all day without experiencing any skin irritations.

Titanium Frames Are Super Stylish

The modern era is about simplicity, and titanium frames are just that. The frames have extremely thin temples and browlines, adding just the right flare to the wearer's personality.

It offers a sophisticated look for office wear, a fashionable look for partywear, and a decent look for everyday use. Moreover, they come in various designs, shapes, colors, and varieties, so if you are fashion-conscious, you can never go wrong with them.

FAQ 1: How Long Will Titanium Frames Will Last?

Standard eyeglasses typically last 2 to 3 years. On the other hand, titanium frames may last for more than three years and, with regular maintenance, up to ten years.

FAQ 2: How to Maintain Your Titanium Frames?

If you want to preserve your titanium frames for years, you must maintain them. This implies that you must clean the titanium frames properly regularly. Cleaning a titanium frame is the same as cleaning any other frame. There is no particular product necessary for this.

Wipe away all debris and grime from the titanium frames with warm soapy water and a toothbrush. However, take care not to damage the lenses with the toothbrush. Next, gently dry the lenses using a microfiber cloth.

Titanium frames do not rust; however, it is necessary to keep the coating intact. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners or solutions containing very powerful solvents, such as liquid cleansers and vaseline. Otherwise, the frame's coating will deteriorate, making it unpleasant to wear.

How to Protect the Titanium Frames?

The coating and color of the titanium frame may wear away with time. To avoid this, minimize exposing the frame to extreme sunlight.

Similarly, make-up and cosmetic products might harm the frame's coating, so clean your frame regularly to avoid this.

Please remember that while this will not totally prevent frame coating and color, it will significantly reduce the impact.

Wisdom of Words

If you've been looking for lasting yet trendy eyewear for a long, your search has ended with titanium frames. No matter what you do or where you go, the titanium frames will retain their quality for a long time.

If you accidentally drop your glasses, the lens might break, but the frame will not. Hence, you'll simply need to replace the lens rather than purchase new glasses. Don't be fooled by the simplistic style; titanium frames are worth the investment!