At SOJOS, we’re obsessed with providing incredible women with stylish, luxurious shades that will elevate their confidence and make them feel amazing while they pursue their passions.

For the past 10 years, we’ve been working in collaboration with top designers from the US, Italy, Spain and more to craft high-quality sunglasses with cutting-edge styles. But during our years in the industry, we’ve discovered a problem – other brands are either selling flimsy frames that fall apart instantly, or well-crafted sunglasses at a completely unattainable price.

To us, that’s not right. As a female-founded business, we know that for inspired women, success starts with feeling strong, confident and capable from the inside out. We know that different occasions – the beach, the boardroom, the boardwalk – all call for different styles. And finally, we know that flimsy, low-quality sunglasses won’t give you that invincible feeling.

That’s why we’re using our decade of experience to provide women with luxurious quality and trendy designs at pocket-friendly prices.

Our designs are made to radiate boldness, inspiration and positive energy – giving women the fearlessness to take giant leaps toward their dreams.