Y2K Style Sunglasses You’ve Seen All Over TikTok

If you are a fiend for TIKTOK, it's not hard to find the following phenomenon: whether it's TikTok's cross-dressing videos or pop music's challenge videos, more and more people are wearing Y2K style clothing. So what exactly is Y2K? What kind of sunglasses is of the Y2K style?

Today, let's take a look at the Y2K sunglasses that TIKTOK celebrities love!


What is Y2K style?

If you're interested in fashion, you'll definitely know about Y2K, a style that was all the rage in the millennium. If not, no matter, you will definitely fall in love with Y2K style while reading this article.


As the name suggests, Y2K (the Year 2000) is a trend recreating the late ’90s fashion and early-to-mid 2000s fashion styles. Inspired by the late 90s fashion trends, the early 2000s fashion looks had an overall metallic-tech vibe, surrounded by a growing denim feel.


Accessories played a significant part in any respectable Y2K outfit. Whether you’re trying to create a complete 2000s look, or just want to inject a hint of Y2K into your outfit, these are the best accessories you can wear. Now, we are going to introduce you some Y2K sunglasses:



Any ideal representative Y2K aesthetic must have a slightly retro edge but a futuristic touch. When it comes to Y2K, the key words are: futuristic, innovative and boldness. Standing in the perspective of Y2K in 2022, these Y2K shades look retro because they have the stamp of the era on them. But they also have a good sense of integration in the new era.

Y2K Shades in Pink

         ​​Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2000. Dave Allocca/Getty Images

What is the color that best represents Y2K in your mind? My answer is pink. It had to be flashy enough to be the most popular color of the Y2K era. It appeared on shiny outfits, plush underarm bags, and even digital cameras. As the dominant color of the Y2K era, if you had something with this pink on you, you could easily be part of the Y2K crowd. The pink lenses make these sunglasses attractive, and in a crowd, those who wear them are sure to have the highest turnout. Wearing them will definitely add energy and Y2K charm to your outfit.


In the millennium, people are very fond of wearing sporty velvet suits. This has led to the birth of sporty sunglasses. These sunglasses are not like ordinary glasses style, its unique shape design, exaggerated color scheme, will give people a very edgy feeling. The half-wrapped ring design also allows you to have a good wearing experience when you are in sports. This sunglasses in 2022, more in fashion occasions, celebrities like to wear it to wear dresses, the same can have a very good effect with.

Retro Shield Sunglasses

In the 2000s, people had an unlimited vision of the future. They transformed this imagination into expression in fashion wear. The desire for future technology made the goggle-style sunglasses the darling of the times. This style of sunglasses is easily reminiscent of the ultra-high-tech displays in science fiction movies, as if wearing these glasses, you can swim in the ocean of data.

Retro Oval Sunglasses

oval sunglasses
oval sunglasses

This style has simply exploded in 2022 and it has taken over almost every social media platform. Fashionable hipsters wearing it are everywhere, whether they are rappers or celebrities, all falling deeply into its trap. The most classic color is white, but in addition, red is also a popular color.

This Retro Oval style has also been recently reformed, with the injection of new design blood for 2022. It has become more alien, like a showcase of future technology while also bringing alien culture to the people.

Rimless Square Sunglasses


This style is so classic. You can't miss it in any photo from the 2000s. Rimless frames are designed to give you a special look that is hip and chic. Rimless Sunglasses must be color-tinted. Red is a great match, but so are bright or fluorescent colors. It is an absolute eye-catcher and a great test of one's ability to match. But if you manage to pull it off, there is no doubt that you will be the center of attention.

Why Y2K Style is back in vogue?


“I feel like the 2000s was about just having fun,” Cothran, a 23-year-old creator living in Nashville, said. “There weren’t any rules. You could wear pointless scarves in the summertime and put a dress over your jeans, and it was considered cool.”



Y2K style shows one's fashion attitude and bold attempts at the future. In the world of Y2K style, you don't need to follow the rules, and all out-of-the-ordinary dressing is a way to show your attitude. In the age of information, what people need is this kind of impactful fashion. This explains why Y2K fashion is back and more wildly sought after than ever before.

How to Style Y2K Fashion?


There are many outfits that fit the Y2K style: Shiny Outfits, Baby Tees, Wide-Leg Denim Jeans, Velour Track Sets, and Baguette Bags. Whether you prefer a flashy and exaggerated look or a simple and smart suit, you can find something for you in the Y2K world. For Y2K, there is no mandatory dress code, it's more about your attitude towards Y2K fashion. You can wear no makeup at all and wear a gorgeous plush jacket with freckles, or a t-shirt with kitten prints with upturned eyeliner. Being bold is the best way to style Y2K fashion.


Many of the TikToks are showcasing Y2K beauty trends, which I believe will make more people fall in love with Y2K.