Who Makes Eyeglasses With Magnetic Sunglasses?

When you are indoors, you may not need sunglasses, but stepping out wearing your prescription glasses, you may need an additional pair to protect against the glare. What if you could conveniently attach a sunshade over your eyeglasses without removing it? A quick attachment and you are good to go on a bright, sunny day.

Photochromic lenses would have limited darkness and also take a while to darken. An additional pair of sunglasses would take space to carry and botheration to put on and remove. Then what?

Introducing Magnetic Sunglasses!

It’s a magnetic clip-on sunglass that you can attach over your eyeglasses with one hand. It does not have arms but magnets at the horn-end, which securely attach over your glasses that also has a magnetic clip on the same spot. You get various options to choose from frame color, lens color, and UV protection features, including polarized lenses.

This article will explain this ingenious accessory that expands your options of fashion eyewear and its manifold convenience. But is it suitable for all? Are they expensive? Can we attach it to any eyeglasses? All your queries are answered here.

What Are Magnetic Sunglasses?

When you are driving wearing your prescription glasses, you may need a dark sunshade to shield against the glare. You would first remove your glasses and keep them aside or inside the cover, then take your sunglasses from the cover and put it on. Sounds familiar?

Enter magnetic sunglasses – with just one hand you can attach it over your eyeglasses without the need to remove it. Convenient isn’t it?

Magnetic sunglasses attach to the front of your eyeglasses. These detachable sunglasses come with a magnetic clip-on that is simple to put on and remove. A regular clip-on pair of sunglasses, as in the image shown below, typically needs both hands to attach or remove the clip from your glasses.

Although it is technically possible wearing clip-on sunglasses over your regular glasses but looks awkward and you risk damaging your prescription lenses. The magnet makes it convenient to attach over it and looks elegant.

A variety of magnetic sunglasses are available in different colors, designs, and protective features to suit your needs. So, you can continue to use your eyewear and also have the flexibility to make it a sunglass with this simple attachment.

clip-on sunglasses

Benefits of Magnetic Sunglasses

They are the ideal solution for individuals who wish to swiftly transition between regular glasses and sunglasses while also having the ability to swap between a range of designs in a jiffy, thanks to their simple and clever design.


Mention hereunder is a few of the key advantages of magnetic sunglasses:


Single-handed Usage 

With one hand, you can attach or detach magnetic clip-on sunglasses. Regular clip-on needs both hands to use. This is crucial, especially if you need to use your sunglass while operating a motor vehicle.


When you buy glasses with magnetic frames, you receive a product that is both fashionable and practical. Instead of working with traditional clip-on methods, a magnetic glasses frame will quickly cling to your existing glasses and replace them into sunglasses in seconds.


Magnetic sunglasses are comfortable to use and transport because they do not require any additional clip-in peripherals. Magnetic clip-on is far lighter than sunglass clip-on with clips that attach to the frame edge. The frame of your regular glasses will support the magnetic clip-on sunglasses for prescription glasses, providing you with more comfort even when changing the lens styles.  


Magnetic sunglasses are available in a wide range of styles, so you'll never run out of new designs to mix and match with different outfits, and you'll have options for each event.


Magnetic sunglasses for prescription glasses are significantly less expensive than purchasing a new pair of sunglasses. You can have a variety of magnetic eyeglasses style options and gain considerably more versatility for the same price.

Who Makes Magnetic Sunglasses?

Since magnetic sunglasses were an innovation in recent years, only a few major brands are making them. But several cheaper brands and unbranded ones are also available in the market.

Some of the popular ones are: Ray-Ban is available for a few frame types and can be clipped onto your matching prescription glasses to provide polarized anti-glare protection.

How to Care for Magnetic Clip-on Sunglasses? 

It's essential to understand how to safeguard your magnetic clip-on sunglasses from wear and tear if you want to make sure they remain intact for a very long time.

Although they make premium magnetic sunglasses to be durable and endure for a long time, there are best practices you can adhere to so that the product stays in excellent shape and doesn't get destroyed soon.

To prevent scratching or smudging of the lens, you should always hold the magnetic sunglasses by the frame or the side of the lens.

You may keep the lenses in pristine condition for a longer period and reduce the frequency of cleanings if you handle them gently.

Additionally, it's essential to store your magnetic clip-on sunglasses in a case when not in use.

Try to hold the eyeglasses by the frame when cleaning the lenses to minimize unnecessary contact with the lens.

The delicate and sleek style of the sunglasses means we should be extra careful, and it is generally recommended to put them in a hard case that will protect the sunglasses from any harm when not in use.

Finally, be sure to use water and a lint-free piece of cloth to clean your magnetic sunglasses. Use just ordinary soap; as other cleaners or abrasive products run the risk of causing lasting harm.

Tips on Purchasing Magnetic Sunglasses

The foremost criterion when purchasing magnetic sunglasses is the frame design. Your prescription glasses' contour is taken into consideration while measuring this sunglasses accessory. What shape is your glasses frame? Do they possess any distinctive characteristics? Do they have a unique type of bridge or are they cat-eye or browline frames?

When the shape is established, the clip-on is measured by height and breadth in millimeters, much like your frames. The numbers on your frames should be helpful if you are unsure of the measurements, particularly the eye size (lens width) and bridge size.

Once you can match the frame measurement with the available magnetic sunglasses, we recommended it to purchase 3 to 4 different frame colors to match your outfit. You can also vary the lens colors, with at least one as polarized. Avail of the discounts most sellers offers on bulk orders while stocking them with different frame colors and lens qualities. This would easily last for a much longer period than having just one.


Magnetic sunglass clip-on might be a better option for you if you want to wear the same pair of prescription glasses all day, especially if your eyes have a hard time adjusting when you switch between different pairs, or if you already have a pair of glasses you like and don't have the money for a second pair of prescription sunglasses. However, if you dislike the bulky appearance of clip-on, then glasses for indoor use and sunglasses for outdoor use would just be fine.