Tips: How to Remove White Oxidation From Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglasses are an important item in many people's lives. Not only do they help improve vision, but they can also be fashionable and stylish accessories. However, when frames start to get old, they may develop a white powdery residue known as oxidation. This can be unsightly and negatively affect the appearance of your glasses – but don't worry, it is possible to remove this oxidation from your eyeglass frames! In this article, we will explore the best ways to remove white oxidation from eyeglass frames.

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What Causes White Oxidation on Eyeglass Frames?

White oxidation typically occurs due to exposure of the metal frame material (such as stainless steel) to moisture or sweat over time. This leads to a breakdown of the protective oxide layer on the metal surface; as oxygen in the air then reacts with the unprotected metal, it forms a thin layer of white powdery residue known as 'oxidation'.

How To Remove White Oxidation From Eyeglass Frames

Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to safely and effectively remove white oxidation from your eyeglass frames:

Cleaning with rubbing alcohol – dip a soft cloth into some rubbing alcohol and rub gently on affected areas until clean. Rinse off with water afterward.

Using baking soda – mix baking soda and warm water together into a paste and apply gently onto affected areas using cotton swabs or soft cloths. Rinse off with water afterward.

Applying lemon juice – rub some fresh lemon juice onto affected areas and leave for 5 minutes before wiping off with a damp cloth.

Do expensive glasses frames get older slowly?

Expensive glasses frames may last longer than cheaper ones, but they will still age over time. Exposure to heat, humidity, sweat, and other environmental factors can cause the oxidation of the metal frame material. This will lead to a thin layer of white powdery residue forming on the frame that can discolor or weaken it. Additionally, regular wear and tear of frames can also contribute to them getting older quicker. Taking good care of your glasses such as cleaning them regularly, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, and storing them safely in their case is the best way to ensure they last as long as possible. 


Removing white oxidation from eyeglass frames doesn't have to be difficult! By following some simple steps using readily available items such as rubbing alcohol, baking soda, or lemon juice, you can restore them back to their former glory in no time!

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