Should Sunglasses Cover Eyebrows?


Sunglasses are a staple of casual and formal outfits. They're the first thing people notice when they look at you. They give off that "I'm cool, but I'm also a responsible adult" vibe. That said, some people find it difficult to find sunglasses that fit well with their facial features. They also struggle with sunglasses cover eyebrows issues.

If you're one of these people who would like suggestions on how to wear sunglasses without looking like an alien or, worse: an older person at Coachella, this article is for you! Herein we discuss sunglasses cover eyebrows and how they can affect your choice in eyewear fashion and vice versa.

Sunglasses Cover Eyebrows: Is This Ideal?

Should sunglasses cover eyebrows? Well, there are very few rules about what you can and can't do to your eyebrows. But if you wear sunglasses, please ensure they don’t cover your beautiful eyebrows. You see, eyebrows are the most expressive part of your face—so much so that even people with no other facial hair will grow in some kind of brows.

Eyebrows also serve an essential function: they help balance out the proportions of your face by creating a line between the eye and nose area. This helps define the shape of both features. If your sunglasses cover your eyebrows, this critical line will disappear. And will throw off symmetry, making you look weird as well anti-social.

So to answer your question, “Should Sunglasses Cover Eyebrows?” Definitely Not!

How to Ensure Sunglasses Don’t Cover Eyebrows?

Do your sunglasses cover your eyebrows? Then get yourself a new pair by considering the below golden rules.

Find Sunglasses That Coincide With the Shape of Your Eyebrows

You might have noticed that some people just have naturally arching brows. You cannot control it, but it is a trait you should consider when choosing your sunglasses.

For example, if your eyebrows are thin and arched, then square-frame sunglasses would probably be the wrong choice. This is because the frames create a boxy shape that does not align well with the natural curvature of the face.

While this may be fine for someone with thickly arched eyebrows, it can make thin eyebrows look unbalanced and awkward due to their lack of depth compared to other areas, such as cheeks or lips.

Find Sunglasses That Have a Thickness Opposite to the Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are thin, you can get the best results with sunglasses that have a thickness opposite your own.

For example, if your eyebrows are thin, you should choose thicker-framed sunglasses that will draw more attention to the eyes and away from the eyebrows.

If your brows are thick and bushy, then thinner-framed sunglasses will help give an illusion of less fullness to balance out proportionally with the rest of your face.

Remedies if Your Sunglasses Cover Eyebrows

If you're experiencing the sensation of having no eyebrows while wearing sunglasses, there are several ways to remedy this. These remedies will help you do away with the sunglasses cover eyebrows problem!

Define Your Eyebrows

If your sunglasses cover eyebrows, you must ensure they're still visible and not just two little circles above your eyes. This can be done by using a fine-tipped brush and adding color to the front of the brows, where they fade into their natural state without makeup.

If necessary, you should also fill in all the gaps between hairs with a pencil or powder for a more defined look. When you establish well-defined eyebrows, they are sure to highlight from even underneath the sunnies. Sunglasses covering eyebrows won’t be the case anymore!


Get a New Frame

If you still feel like your sunglasses cover eyebrows and also too much of your facial features, there's a solution: get a new frame! One that doesn't cover your eyebrows, for one thing.

This can be tricky if you've been wearing the same pair for years and don't want to look like an entirely different person. But if it's worth it to hide less of yourself from the world and potentially make you feel more comfortable, then go for it!

We’ve already covered two essential tips which should be helpful if your sunglasses cover eyebrows. But did you know there are sunglasses made specific to different eyebrow types? Read on, and you’ll know it all!

Best Sunglasses For Different Eyebrow Types

Sunglasses cover eyebrows because we don’t pay more heed to eyebrows when buying sunglasses. You must also consider them just like when you consider face shape when choosing your dream shades.

If you have thick eyebrows, go for thin frames, mostly metal, plastic frames, and rimless sunglasses. These frames will ensure that your sunglasses don’t cover your eyebrows and flaunt them instead.

If you have thin eyebrows, then consider acetate or browline frames. Your brows should match your frame as well. These will help bring symmetry to your face.

If your eyebrows are straight, buy square or rectangle-shaped sunglasses to elongate them further and make them appear longer than they are!

If your eyebrows are rounded, buy round or oval shape sunglasses because they will soften the curve at the front of the brows and balance out their appearance with that of a rounded face shape!

Finally, if your eyebrows are arched, get oversized '80s-style frames that will expand their arch further and emphasize those beautiful eyes behind them!


As you can see, you don’t have to worry about your sunglasses cover eyebrows concern if you make a wise choice. There are so many styles of sunglasses available today that finding ones that fit well and look great is easy.

You should be able to find a pair of glasses that will complement your face shape as well as express your style, whether it be classic or trendy!