A Complete Guide to Finding the Right Sunglasses Size

How Do I Know My Sunglasses Size?


Sunglasses do more than just add a stylish touch to your appearance. They also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, and other air contaminants. However, only if the sunglasses size is correct, it will serve all of these purposes.

The ill-fitting glass will slide down your face and will not look good on you. So, how do you find a good-fitting frame? Stay with me till the end to find the correct sunglasses size for yourself.



Effective Ways to Find the Sunglasses Size


You may experiment with an extensive range of shades to discover the right fit. But don't you find the process tedious and time-consuming? Thankfully, there are practical approaches for determining the correct sunglasses size for you. These methods might also save you a trip to the store by allowing you to shop for glasses online without fear of purchasing the wrong pair.



Take Eyewear Measurements


Do you want to avoid squinting through small shades? Do you want to avoid getting sunglasses that are too large for your face? Then the key to these problems is knowing how well a specific glass will rest on your face. And to do so, you must understand what the right sunglasses size for your face is. 

Take the following measurements using a ruler or cloth measuring tape. However, you can only get these numbers if you already own the appropriate sunglasses size.



Eye Size: Eye size is the most crucial metric to consider. It is the horizontal breadth of the lens at its widest point. It typically varies from 40mm to 62mm.

Bridge Size: The frame material that links the lenses is the bridge. When you wear sunglasses, it rests on top of your nose. Begin measuring the bridge size from the innermost side of the lenses and work your way to the same point on the other side of the lenses. The size ranges typically from 14mm to 24mm.

Temple Size: Temple size is the measurement of the arms of the sunglasses, which usually ranges between 110mm to 150mm.

Height: Height is the vertical measurement of the sunglass length. It helps understand you its fitting in relation to your eyebrow and cheekbones. It does not matter unless you get a prescription sunglass with specialized lenses.

You don't have to go through all of these measurement hassles if you have glasses that already have measurements written on the arms.  


Refer to the Sunglasses Size Chart


Several companies provide a sunglasses size chart in their online store. You might refer to that if you cannot measure the precise eyewear sizes despite owning the fitting glasses. Here's the standard sunglasses size chart:

  • Small - 55 mm and below

  • Medium – Between 55 mm to 58 mm

  •  Large – Between 59 mm to 62 mm

Take Facial Measurements


Are you unfortunate enough not to own a pair of perfect sunglasses size to serve as a guide? Don't fret! You can take facial measurements to determine your ideal sunglasses size. To calculate the cheekbone, measure the distance between your left and right temples using a ruler.

You'll find out what size your temples are. Sunglasses size, which are smaller, are appropriate if your temple size is less than 30mm. Similarly, if your temple size is between 131mm and 140mm, medium size glasses are advisable. Lastly, get the large sunglasses size if the temple size exceeds 141mm.


Use Credit Card


This may sound bizarre, but you can determine the sunglasses size to buy by using a credit card. Credit cards come in helpful when you can't locate a ruler or measuring tape to measure the temple size. Credit card width is often consistent with regular lens size. Hence, they are ideal for determining the sunglasses size. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Take a credit card and stand in front of the mirror.

  • Step 2: Place the card's edge on the tip of the nose. Check that the width of the card aligns to the side of your face. Also, make sure that you place the card beneath the eyebrow.

  • Step 3: Check the alignment of the card's end with the end of your eye.

Is the card's end level with the end of the eye? Then regular or medium sunglasses sizes are ideal. If the end of the card extends beyond the end of the eye, get the smaller size eyewear. Finally, grab the larger shades if the card's end does not reach the end of the eye.


Bonus: Buy Sunglasses According to the Shape of Your Face


Even if you get the correct sunglasses size, they may not look well on your face. The reason might be that you did not consider your facial shape. So, here are a few pointers to help you avoid making such mistakes.

  • Wear rectangular-shaped eyeglasses to offset the fullness of your face. Retro eyewear is always flattering on a round face.

  • You can never go wrong with round or oval-shaped frames if you have a diamond face.

  • If you have a square face, avoid wearing sunglasses with boxy corners. Wear one with curved edges instead to give a round illusion to your face.

  • Do you have a long face or a small chin? Then, by wearing wider shades, you may make it look shorter. For this purpose, you can get pilots or other eyeglasses with thick bottoms.

  • If you have a lovely heart-shaped face, aviator, oval, and rectangle spectacles are ideal.

  • You are fortunate if your face shape is oval since you can nail any glass frame. The reason being your facial features are equally balanced. However, with angular frames, you can enhance your appearance even more.

  • The aviator, angular frames, and slightly rounder frames will look best on you if you have a pear-shaped face.

That's a Wrap


Determining the right sunglasses size is no wonder a strenuous process. Yet, I hope this guide has made things easier for you. So, whether you want sunglasses for a cool beach party, to explore the vivid color of nature in fine detail, for a music festival, to protect your eyes on a hot summer day, or for any other purpose, you're ready to shop for the correct sunglasses size for yourself.

It is crucial to remember that finding the right sunglasses size is only half the battle; you must also pick the perfect frame for your face. Finally, don't settle with low-quality eyeglasses because they will not add flair to your overall look and will not function. If you pay attention to these details, you will likely stand out from the crowd.

Get the perfect fit and let your inner fashionista shine!