How important sunglasses are in the fashion world

Today, it's quite common to see people strutting around wearing sunglasses as they go about their daily business. Aside from protecting our eyes from the sun, sunglasses have become a way to show off our personality, or in extreme cases, our eccentricity. Sunglasses have their uses, but research shows they are becoming much more important in western culture as a cool accessory suggesting fashion, prestige, and mystique.

History of Sunglasses

Can you believe there was once a time when the world didn’t have sunglasses? Well, it’s true, but that changed around the 12th century when they were believed to be introduced in China and Rome. At the time, sunglasses were made of quartz crystals to shield the eyes from the sun’s glare. They were also used by judges in ancient courts to keep their facial expressions disguised during interrogations.

After sunglasses debuted in Hollywood in the early 1900s, the earliest designers began to capitalize on their commercial appeal. At this point, a fashion staple was born. 


With the trend firmly set by the glamorous stars of the era, the demand for sunglasses skyrocketed. Savvy businessman Sam Foster began mass-producing sunglasses made from celluloid in 1929, which he began selling on the beaches of Atlantic City in New Jersey. The market was willing with their appeal stretching beyond sun-soaked beaches, and by 1938 Life Magazine reported that sunglasses were a: ”new fad for wear on a city street... a favorite affectation of thousands of women all over the U.S.”

The 1950s saw the birth of cat-eye glasses. It was hailed as a major change in the post-war economic boom. Cat-eye glasses soon became one of the defining styles of the era and became increasingly popular under the guidance of Audrey Hepburn.

fashionable sunglasses

The beginning of the Renaissance was a symbol of freedom, leisure, and "elegant cultural style Modernist decoration style representing the spirit of The Times. Like the evolution of social customs and clothing, sunglasses were also changing, with huge square frames becoming the favorite styles of people at that time.

That’s when the demand for sunglasses truly took off. During World War II, Ray-Ban came out with its iconic aviator sunglasses, which used polarization to provide war pilots with a solution for the sun’s glare in the sky. In 1937, Ray-Ban made aviators available to the public. Other designers then joined in, and the rest, you could say, is history. And while those aviators were built for function, their classic styling was impossible to ignore. That’s why today you’re just as likely to see them on the beach or a city street as sported by pilots.

Sunglasses: a Fashionable Necessity

Do you love fashion? Do you think sunglasses are important for fashion people? I think most people nod their heads when they hear these questions.

It’s really hard to imagine life without sunglasses. Eyewear has become an integral part of a look or outfit and it’s the bolder, the better ethos, right now, that is making eyewear sales rocket.

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Its no more a medical need, its a style need.

Using sunglasses as an accessory instead of medical treatment is now a common choice for modern people. The rage is so high that even people with perfect vision wear glasses just for the sake of fashion.

The wide assortment of choices helps people to choose glasses according to their outfit, personality, occasion, profession, face shape, skin tone, or anything. This has made sunglasses an unquestionable fashion item in people's minds.

- Spice up personality

Do you also think that wearing a pair of glasses can make you look more mysterious and wise? Eyewear is a playful accessory as you can perfectly alter your look as you want like funky, glamorous, geeky, professional, and classy. Glasses can reflect your personality.


- A powerful tool to enhance your outfit

Is there a fashionable person who has never bought sunglasses? I don't think so. And would there be a fashionable person who only owns one pair of sunglasses? No way. For those who love to dress up, sunglasses are essential items. Choosing sunglasses of different styles and colors according to different colors and styles of their outfit is a necessary step for every fashionista before going out. They carefully select the sunglasses that match their own today, so that their outfit has more sense. Want to dress more outstanding, first have a pair of sunglasses! Want to be a fashionista? Buy sunglasses.


-Wing It Out In Style!

Most celebrities in the fashion world, including movie stars, will always wear sunglasses. One of the reasons is that they want to cover their faces with sunglasses so that they can go out in private without revealing their identities in the crowd.

However, when they wear sunglasses at a show or a dinner party, the sunglasses are not the item that helps them hide their identity anymore. During this time sunglasses is to help them show their charisma, wear sunglasses after the aura will make them become the center of attention. And this applies to ordinary people as well, a pair of chic sunglasses, show your taste at the same time, but also lets you stand out in the crowd. You don't need to squint your eyes like the next person when the sun is shining, but you can enjoy the sun and, likewise, enjoy the admiring eyes of others!