How to Find the Right Frame for Your Face

Wearing glasses can enhance one's image. With so many options available, it can be tough to know which glasses will flatter your face the most. So how do we pick the right glasses for ourselves? Even though it has been mentioned that glasses can help accentuate our facial structure, why do we still think that we look less attractive with them? This is because we didn’t pick the right one that suits our faces.

These tips will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect pair of glasses for your look.

How to Choose Frame Suit Your Face Shape

To choose the glasses that make us more attractive, it is important to choose the frame that suits our face shape. So how do we identify the face shape?

Preparation to Identify Your Face Shape

The first thing to do is to measure your face.

① Measure the hairline to the bottom of your chin.

② Measure the width of the cheekbone.

③ Measure the width of your forehead.


Face shapes can be divided into 6 types: Oval Shape, Square Shape, Heart Shape, Round Shape, Oblong Shape, and Diamond Shape.


Choose Glasses for Your Face Shapes

oval face shape

Oval Face Shape is longer than it is wide. The forehead and jawline are both in balance, and one is not bigger than the other. It is the most ideal face shape, and most frames can look great on it.

Frame with structure will be more suitable for soft face shapes, such as Square, Rectangle, and Aviator.

Square Face Shape

Square Shape is as wide as it is long. The forehead and jawline are prominent and wider, the cheekbone can be prominent but not any wider than the forehead or the jawline.

Round shape glasses suit Square Face Shape best. The curved outline of the frame can help to accentuate the protruded edges. It can help shift people’s attention away from the jawline and focus on the upper part of your face. Pick the frame shapes that are opposite to your face shape and can add softness to your face. So Oval Frames and Cat-Eye Frames are also a perfect fit for Square Face Shape.

However, you should not wear the square frame, since it will further highlight the angular features of the Square/Diamond face. Also, you need to avoid frames too small, it will make your face appears larger.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is widest at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones.

Eyeglasses with low-set temples and bottom heavy frame lines will add width to that narrower part of your face. Round eyeglasses or square eyeglasses with curved edges will help draw attention away from a broad, high forehead.

Avoid bottom-heavy frames, oversized frames, and frames with a lot of design elements. 

Round Face Shape

Round Face is as wide as it is long, and typically the jawline is rounded off and with a smooth, no pointed or prominent chin. Your forehead is as wide as the jawline, with both being a little bit fuller than the Oval Face Shape. Having fuller cheekbones doesn’t mean you have a Round Face Shape.

Angular frames to help sharpen and add definition. Rectangular styles make a round face look slimmer. Oversized frames also can make your face appears smaller.

If you have a Round Face Shape, you need to avoid Wayfarer, Brow-line, or anything too small.

Oblong Face Shape

If you have a long face shape and longer mid-face proportion, you may have the Oblong Face Shape. You can choose a frame shape with a longer length. The extended length of the lens frame can occupy the blank area within our mid-face. Besides, a thicker rim helps to weaken the visual impression of the long mid-face.

However, Rimless glasses are not suitable for long mid-face. Sometimes, they can make your face look too elongated. If you have a long-mid face, you might want to try frames that are a bit bigger or have more detail on the sides.

diamond face shape

Diamond Face Shape is longer than it is wide. Your forehead and jawline will be narrower than your cheekbones. Typically you will have a prominent chin as well.

Like Square Face Shape, Round and Oval Frames are more suitable for you. These frames can accentuate the outline of your facial structure like protruded cheekbones to become smoother. Cat-eye Frame is a good choice as well. They can complement both cheekbones, and add a little bit of volume to where the forehead is a little bit narrower.

Diamond Face Shape should avoid frames like Rectangle, Square, and Wayfarer, which will cause you to look too angular.


*Many of you may feel hard to figure out your face shape, it is because most people have a combination of more than one face shape. You just need to find your features and avoid glasses that highlight your flaws.

The key to finding the right frames is to remember that opposites attract. Select eyeglasses that contrast your facial contours and bring symmetry and balance to your prominent features.


How to Choose Frames Suit Your Skin Tone

Just as the face shapes help determine which frames look best, so does your skin tone. Skin tone sets the tone for high fashion frames. People with cool skin tones look best in silver jewelry. However, if you're between light and dark shades of brunette, gold is your most flattering color.

Warm Skin Tone 
If your skin has yellow undertones, choose lightweight gold or brown shades with light tortoise borders - this will be flattering on most people who have warm skin stone because it balances out their features while still making them appear elegant without being too flashy.

Best frame colors for Warm Skin Tone: light tortoise, beige, brown shades, gold, and olive green. 

These colors may have a more vibrant look than black frames.

Cool Skin Tone 
If your skin has cool undertones, you have a complexion that's perfect for silver and black frames. Please avoid colors that wash you out. Instead, please reach for frames that are silver, black, dark tortoise, pink, purple, blue, mauve, and gray. 

How to Choose Frames Suit Your Lifestyle

What type of frame will work best with your lifestyle?

Glasses are an essential part of the modern-day lifestyle. Think about what you'll be doing while wearing your eyeglasses -- if it's active sports or office work where comfort might matter more than style points? Choose the frames which can twist and bend without breaking. For business purposes, stylish non-prescription lenses make a perfect accessory for any office meeting or social event alike.

At SOJOS you'll find frames with functionality that matches your lifestyle. 


How to Choose Frames Suit Your Personality

The frames you wear say a lot about your personality. The shape, color, and style of an object can alter our aesthetics. For example, a rounded object with soft edges will appear more approachable and inviting than a sharp object with hard angles. Similarly, a bright color will typically appear more energetic and exciting than a muted color. And finally, a sleek and streamlined style will often give the impression of sophistication and modernity, while a more ornate style may be perceived as classical or traditional.


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