Are Aviator Sunglasses In Style In 2023?

If you are unfamiliar with Aviator sunglasses, let me give you a quick overview of their history and how they became so popular.

The origins of aviator sunglasses can be traced back to the late 1800s when pilots started using them. No wonder they are named aviators. The sunglasses protect their eyes from dust and wind while flying planes.

It wasn't until later that Hollywood starlets like Amelia Earhart, Howard Hughes, and Charles Lindbergh started wearing them. And soon, their popularity started spreading.

But the question is, are aviator sunglasses still trendy today? Let's find out!

aviator sunglasses

Seven Reasons Why Aviator Sunglasses Are Trending In 2022

Are you looking for some cool sunglasses? You might want to consider aviator sunglasses. These shades have been popular since the 1920s, and they are still going strong today. Here are seven reasons why aviator sunglasses are so popular:

Staple Among Celebs

Whether you’re an avid fan of celebrities or not, it’s impossible to ignore the number of times they’ve been spotted wearing aviator sunglasses. The red carpet has long been a staple for celebrities and their fashion choices.

With so many different events happening throughout the year, there are always opportunities for stars to show off their latest trends—and aviator sunglasses have become a top choice for many A-listers.

From millennial celebrities like Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas flaunting their love for these style essentials to Gen Z celebs like Zendaya Coleman and Kylie Jenner donning them confidently. All are huge fans of aviator sunglasses!

aviator sunglasses

Highly Functional

You do not want to go to the beach or a sporting event without wearing aviator sunglasses. This type of eyewear is so functional that you can use it in any outdoor activity, such as biking and running.

These glasses will protect your eyes from UV rays, dust, debris, wind, and glare that may cause irritation or damage to your eyes. If you plan a vacation with family or friends this summer, aviator sunglasses are a must-have on your list!

Durable and Comfortable

Aviator sunglasses are durable, so they will not break easily when you drop them on the ground or keep them in your bag or backpack. They also don’t slip off your face as they have strong frames that prevent this from happening.

The lenses are also scratch resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about scratches ruining the aesthetic appeal of your Aviator sunglasses.

In addition to this, aviators come with comfortable nose pads that do not cause any irritation on your nose after wearing them for an extended period. Thus, they make the perfect investment that is not just functional and stylish but also convenient and long-lasting.

Stylish Yet Affordable

Aviator sunglasses are the most stylish. You can find them in different styles, colors, and materials that would go well with your outfit. There are so many ways to style them without being too gaudy or flashy. They are pocket friendly; if you want to amp up your style without breaking the bank, think aviators!

With the rise of social media influencers like Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, more people have been willing to experiment with their looks. They use aviator sunglasses as accessories for their daily outfits and even special occasions such as weddings.

The most trending aviator style right now is black rims with clear lenses. But there are other options, such as tortoiseshell frames or mirrored lenses, if you're looking for something different than basic black-rimmed glasses!

Looks Good on Everyone

Aviator sunglasses are unisex and can be worn by both men and women, so don't let the trend pass you by! No need to worry that your face shape will prevent you from wearing this style. Aviators look great on almost everyone.

The key here is choosing the right pair for your face shape: round faces should look for eyeglasses with larger lenses, whereas square-shaped faces should opt for narrow frames.

If you're unsure what kind of frame best suits your face shape, ask an optometrist or refer to our guide to help guide you through their selection process.

Blends With Any Outfit

Aviator sunglasses are often a part of every wardrobe, whether you are dressing up or dressing down. The reason is that they can be worn with any outfit, just as long as you have the right frame style and color.

If you want to dress it up, try wearing aviators with formal attire like a suit or tuxedo. If you want something less formal, wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or even a pair of cargo pants!

You can also use these glasses in conjunction with other accessories, such as hats and jewelry, to spice things up a bit more!

Suitable Anytime, Anywhere, Any Occasion

aviator sunglasses

These sunglasses are suitable for any occasion. These shades are perfect if you go to a beach and don’t want your eyes exposed to the sun. They will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and make you look cool at the same time.

You can also wear them to a cocktail party, as they are flattering and stylish enough to attract everyone’s attention. It is best to wear them with an elegant dress or suit, but they also look great with casual clothes.

If it is a wedding day and you want to slay yourself on this special day by wearing something different than usual, then aviator sunglasses would be an excellent choice for you!

They are even best for hiking trails because these glasses have UV protection. This means that even when someone goes outside during summertime (when most people tend to get burns), they won't feel discomfort while wearing these shades.

Wrapping Up

I'd like to emphasize that aviator sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory for men and women. They're available in various styles, colors, shapes, and materials so that you can find the right pair for you!

Whether you're looking for something sporty or casual, aviator sunglasses will be sure to add some flair to your look and give it an extra boost of confidence.

Well, what are you waiting for? This blog already gave you enough reason to buy aviator sunglasses. Treat yourself to these multi-functional and multi-stylish sunnies!

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