A Quick Guide to Styling Transparent Glasses

Sunglasses have become a fashion must-have. People enjoy wearing them to show off their personality. And I believe you are no exception. You might invest in a dark, dramatic frame to make a statement. Do they, however, suit you? Even if they do, do they blend with every ensemble? Then investing in transparent glasses, also known as colourless, translucent, or clear frame glasses, is smart.

If you fail to find the right sunglasses from your wardrobe for a specific occasion, transparent glasses will be your best fix since they are unisex and go with almost every look. But there are a few tips for styling them perfectly. So whether you already own transparent sunglasses or decide to buy one, this guide is here to help you.

transparent glasses

How to Wear Transparent Glasses?


Transparent glasses have been around for quite some time. However, they have recently become popular, and their popularity does not appear to fade anytime soon. The main reason is that transparent glasses flatter every complexion and facial shape, making them easy to wear. Moreover, they add a lively charm to everyone who wears them.

Finally, you might hesitate to wear standard frame glasses since the bright-colored frame may overpower your face. There is no such concern with transparent glasses. You can explore with transparent glasses with larger frames and save yourself from unnecessary attention since frames are translucent. However, the key is picking the right frame per your face shape. Here's a quick guide to wearing transparent glasses.

Step 1: Picking the Right Frame


Like other types of eyewear, transparent glasses come in various shapes and sizes. The trick is to choose the correct frame size for your face shape. To balance out your overall appeal, the shape of your transparent glasses frame should oppose your facial shape. Here's the right combination:


  • Square Face - Circular and oval frames.
  • Diamond Face - Cat-eye, oval, and browline frames.
  • Heart-Shaped Face - Round and square frames.
  • Oval Face - All frames since the oval face is considered well balanced.
  • Round Face - Rectangular and square frames.

Determine the shape of your face and choose a frame appropriately. If you want to jazz up, get it bigger, no matter what frame you choose.

transparent glasses

Step 2: Wearing the Right Way


Once you know the unique frame type for yourself, the next thing is to style it appropriately. There are many ways to wear transparent glasses. Here are must-follow tips for the same.

1. Clothes - Transparent glasses no doubt fits well with every coloured outfit. However, dark-coloured clothing draws attention away from stylish eyewear. Hence, your chic transparent frame won't live the best life. So, if you want others to notice and compliment your subtle transparent glasses, wear them with light-colored attire. The light-colored apparel highlights the angle of the frame. In this manner, transparent glasses don't blend in with neutral/light-colored clothing and so pop out as the focal point of the complete appearance.

2. Makeup - Heavy makeup is a big no if you want to wear transparent glasses. This is because transparent glasses are designed to offer a subtle, simple look. Heavy makeup will interfere with the clean aesthetic and undercut the sleek glasses. To maintain the frame's uniqueness, add a pop of color to it by applying light makeup with nude/softer eyeshadow and eyeliner tones.

3. Accessories - Transparent glasses make the best accessory. If you don't wear sunglasses every day but want to dress up your appearance for special occasions like soirees and receptions, this versatile item is your best friend. Moreover, transparent glasses are your best friend if you like to wear a hat like a pork pie or fedora again. Hats draw attention to your transparent glasses by providing a burst of color without the need to switch between different colored frames.

Do Transparent Glasses Turn Yellow?


Are you among the people who love the idea of subtle transparent glasses? But afraid of them turning yellow real quick? Then stop fretting and enjoy the transparent glasses. These glasses become yellow with all the sweat, tear, makeup, and daily usage. However, if you clean transparent glasses regularly, this will not be a problem for you.


That's a Wrap!


Transparent glasses are hot and happening right now, with celebs like Zoey Deutch, Gigi Hadid and Tom Hanks flaunting them beautifully. The best thing about transparent glasses is that they make the cheekbones, eyes, and other delicate face features stand out by seeming less distracting. So go ahead and get this lovely accessory. Working from home or attending a Thanksgiving feast will always be helpful.