Best Sunglasses for Small Faces 2024

Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses can be a daunting task, especially for those with small faces. The wrong fit can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious. However, with the right knowledge and guidance, finding sunglasses that complement your small face can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. In this guide, we will explore the key considerations and measurements for sunglasses, as well as highlight some of the best sunglasses for small faces in 2024.

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What’s the difficulty of choosing sunglasses for small faces?

Limited Options: The primary difficulty for individuals with small faces is the limited availability of sunglasses designed specifically for their face size. Most sunglasses on the market are designed to fit average or larger face sizes, leaving those with smaller faces with fewer options to choose from. This lack of variety can make finding sunglasses that suit their proportions frustrating and time-consuming.

Inadequate Bridge Fit: The bridge of the sunglasses, which sits on the nose, is another area of concern for individuals with small faces. Many sunglasses have bridge widths that are too wide for smaller noses, resulting in a poor fit and constant sliding down the face. This can be particularly problematic during outdoor activities or sports where secure eyewear is essential.

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Temple Length Issues: The temple length, or the arms of the sunglasses that rest on the ears, can also pose challenges for those with small faces. Sunglasses with longer temple lengths may extend past the ear, leading to discomfort or an unappealing appearance. Finding sunglasses with the appropriate temple length is crucial to ensure a secure and comfortable fit

The Measurements for Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, one size does not fit all. Understanding the measurements of sunglasses is crucial to finding the right fit for your small face. Here are the key measurements you need to consider:

Lens Width: This refers to the horizontal width of each lens. For small faces, it is recommended to opt for sunglasses with a lens width of around 50-54mm.

Bridge Width: The bridge width is the measurement between the two lenses. It is essential to find sunglasses with a bridge width that suits your face shape and ensures a comfortable fit. For small faces, a bridge width of 14-18mm is generally suitable.

Temple Length: The temple length refers to the measurement of the arms or temple pieces that extend from the frame to the back of your ears. It is important to find sunglasses with an appropriate temple length to ensure they stay securely on your face. For small faces, a temple length of around 130-140mm is often recommended.

Small Face Fit

Thin Frames

Thin frames are a great choice for small faces. They’re less obtrusive than thick frames because they take up less space on the already limited real estate of a small face. Metal frames are always going to be the thinnest. They come thinner than plastic frames, so metal is a great thing to try. I know that I used to think that metal was kind of boring and to be fair. Sometimes it is but you can definitely find metal frames that are in interesting and exciting colors and styles. Also, because they’re thinner, they’re going to tend to work better on a smaller face and if you do prefer plastic frames you can also find thinner versions of plastic.

Top-Heavy Frames

Another great choice for small faces is top-heavy frames. It means any pair of sunglasses that are darker or thicker at the top than they are at the bottom. So a darker or thicker upper rim than the lower rim that also includes brow-line or club master style. Top-heavy frames are great for small faces but they’re not actually recommended for long thin faces so if you happen to have a long thin face or an oblong face shape, you may need to pick another style that suits your face shape.

Less Height

Many ladies with small faces find they do better with frames that have less lens height. If you find that too much lens height drowns your features, go for rectangular frames rather than square and oval frames rather than round. It is worth mentioning that narrow sunglasses are the current fashions. Small cat-eye sunglasses are the hottest style among fashion people. So we can tell fewer height frames can definitely meet your need.

What styles are for small faces?


Narrow Square Sunglasses

As the hottest sunglasses style, narrow square sunglasses are a wonderful choice for small-face people. They can bring a chic flavor to your look while providing an excellent fit for your facial features. To people who want to be modern and sophisticated, choosing a black pair will be a good idea, as you don't need to struggle with how to pair the shades with your daily outfit. To people who want to highlight their looks, choosing a pair with colorful frames or lenses can be interesting. As the Y2K style is sweeping the fashion world, with colorful lenses, you can create a retro style with no effort.

Small Oval Sunglasses

For people who are first-time to try sunglasses, I will suggest an oval style. You can easily find a dedicated pair of oval sunglasses in the vintage shop, showing how much people liked them from the past to now. Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner often sported vintage oval shades. They pair the small oval sunglasses with hoodies, shirts, or sneakers, showing the variety of ways to style the shades. Of course, pairing it with a dress can also create a comfortable but stylish look.

Small Cat-eye Sunglasses

Have you tried cat-eye sunglasses? You shouldn't miss them. For individuals with petite features, small cat-eye sunglasses accentuate their facial contours, enhancing their natural beauty. The upward tilt of the frames creates an illusion of lifted cheekbones, adding a touch of elegance and femininity to the overall appearance. 

The versatility of small cat-eye sunglasses is another reason why they are perfect for small-face people. They can be paired with various styles and outfits, ranging from vintage-inspired ensembles to modern and edgy looks. Their timeless design transcends trends, making them a reliable choice for any occasion. 

Sunglasses for Small Faces Recommended


Finding the best sunglasses for small faces in 2024 doesn't have to be a challenge. By understanding the measurements and considering styles that are specifically designed for smaller face sizes, you can discover sunglasses that not only fit comfortably but also enhance your personal style. Whether you opt for cat-eye, oval, or square sunglasses, remember to prioritize both the fit and the aesthetics to find the perfect pair. Embrace the sunshine with confidence and protect your eyes in style with sunglasses that are made just for you.