The Coolest Sunglasses for Moms Right Now (Updated 2022)

Even when changing from a girl to a mother, every woman will still want to show her attractive side. A mother who goes out with her children will not want to be a sloppy image either. A good pair of sunglasses isn’t just useful for protection against those harsh UV rays—it can also change your mood. Maybe you’re having a bad hair day, maybe the kids spilled his milk, or maybe you just didn’t have time to put on makeup. Whatever the case, when you slide a good pair of shades on to your face, you’re suddenly a Hollywood star. Style, function, quality and price all factor in when choosing a solid pair of women’s sunglasses. These are the best sunglasses for women, particularly moms on the go. The five silhouettes we picked are all trendy and timeless. Invest in one of these and you'll never go out of style. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses

The upswept and elongated silhouette of today's cat-eye styles can be accredited to designer Altina Schinasi's harlequin frames, which were designed to offer the glasses-wearing women of the '30s a chicer, more feminine option.


For moms who want to take their babies out and don't want to lose their glamour, cat-eye sunglasses are great sunglasses to have. The cat-eye has had a huge following in the fashion world since the 1950s. It can highlight its femininity of it and was even the favorite of the goddess Audrey Hepburn.

The wide lenses of cat-eye sunglasses can help mothers to protect themselves from the sun's rays very well. The choice of different lens colors and the choice of different thicknesses of the frame can add more richness to the cat-eye sunglasses and make the mothers' outfits more versatile and have the charm of mature women.

Tortoise Shell

Get your prescription filled or get them non-RX. This vintage-inspired number is all about the details with gorgeously beveled round lenses and a brow bar that delicately bridges the face front. Shop here.

Tortoiseshell is a great choice for moms who want to wear sunglasses but don't want all-black shades to give an overwhelming look. It does not give the impression of being too jumpy and not stable enough, like colored sunglasses. But it also doesn't give off too much of a dull feeling like black sunglasses do.


If moms go out with a monotonous outfit, they can consider a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses to add the finishing touch to the day's outfit. Adding color while not stealing the limelight from the rest of the body.

Classic Aviator

Originally designed in 1937 for US pilots, this Ray-Ban silhouette never goes out of style, now you can personalize them with a fun lens color.

If moms want to take their kids outdoors, wearing cat-eye sunglasses, which are too feminine, may not be appropriate. 

Aviator is perfect for this time. Its classic shape can highlight a person's calm temperament, and the unisex design will not be limited to your outfit. Whether it's casual wear or sportswear, you can accessorize with a pair of Aviator.


Jackie O Oversized

To this day Jackie O is still considered one of the most culturally influential and recognizable First Ladies and has been titled numerously as a cultural icon.

In an era known for its gender inequality and male domination, Jackie wasn’t overshadowed by her husband’s presidency or indeed his assassination. Instead, she stood on her own, making her own decisions and influencing the people and power that surrounded her.

Jackie O oversized sunglasses are still a very popular style these days. Wear it on a trip to the beach, with a long dress, you seem to be the star of the ad being shot on the beach. 


Chunky Colorful Sunglasses

Robert Roope, founder of Black Eyewear, is predicting a square sunglasses trend for 2022, "for this year I can see a major trend in large angular and squared frames. If you want to buy sunglasses to make a statement and add more character to your face, you should definitely go for angular and large frames."

Chunky sunglasses are undoubtedly the trend of 2022, and they are worth getting for moms who want to show their chic side. With colorful frames or lenses, they can show the active character of moms and look energetic at the same time.


No matter what age you are, young girls or mature women, women have the right to pursue a more beautiful self. Choose a pair of sunglasses, not only to add flair to your outfit, but also to protect the skin on your face. UV protection sunglasses can reduce the worry of adding wrinkles and let you keep attractive. With the kids, but also to look beautiful.