The Best Oversized Eyeglasses Frames of 2022

Oversized eyeglasses frames are perfect to create a vintage, retro look with a modern touch. They take center stage and work as eye-catching statement-makers. Big square or oval-shaped frames have that unmistakable hipster look, while a pair of oversized round glasses are retro and classic. For color, you can go for bright reds or yellows to turn heads, or you can choose sleek monochrome shades for a more versatile option. There will be more trendsetters embracing oversized glasses shapes in their style in 2022 for sure.

Will oversized eyeglasses flatter my face?

Generally speaking, oversized eyeglasses can fit most face shapes. For people who have faces with a long middle part, oversized eyeglasses are a great tool for shortening the middle part of the face. It can visually make your face appear smaller. Also, oversized eyeglasses are great for people with round, oval, and oblong faces. But one thing, if you have a square face, you need to avoid oversized square glasses, it will largely reveal your flaws.

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oversized eyeglasses

❤Check it out: The 5 Top Oversized Frames

- Transparent Oversized Eyeglasses 

- Tortoise Oversized Eyeglasses 

- Oversized Cat-Eye Eyeglasses 

- Colorful Oversized Eyeglasses

- Oversized Eyeglasses with Thin Frame 

1. Transparent Oversized Eyeglasses

oversized eyeglasses
oversized eyeglasses

Transparent items usually give a futuristic look. Combined with futuristic jewelry or clothing, they can make you a fashionable person on the street without the so-called "girl with glasses". Clear oversized eyeglasses give you a great view with as little coverage of your facial features as possible. It is certainly the perfect eyewear for the summer of 2022!

2. Tortoiseshell Oversized Eyeglasses

Grey tortoiseshell seems to have a more cat-like languid feel than brown tortoiseshell. It appears cooler and is more suitable for people who want to have a stronger aura and reflect their strong side.

3. Oversized Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

The cat-eye frame type is one of the most feminine frame types, and oversized glasses can better amplify this feature. Cat-eye style is a statement look that wins every time, so it's really a pleasing thing to see this style back as a fashion go-to for 2022. 

Hipster Party's classic black will definitely give you a whole new experience

4. Colorful Oversized Glasses

oversized eyeglasses
oversized eyeglasses

Summer is here. Do you also want to make some changes to the dull life? One of the most important trends for 2022 is colorful frames. In year 2022, frames can be any color you like, from delicate blues and sunny yellows to bright reds and greens. If the Halley is too oversized for you, you can opt for the Forward, which is a more subtle design that maintains the large frame while adding small details such as small arcs.

5. Oversized Glasses with Thin Frame

The metal thin frame design is different from the four thick plastic frame styles in front, which look more elegant and classic. In addition to gold, Glam also has other colors to choose from, giving you more choices for your daily wear!

oversized eyeglasses

How to style Oversized Eyeglasses?

Oversized eyeglasses are already very eye-catching, so when wearing them, you need to try to avoid loose clothes. If the whole body of the single product is oversized style, it will make you look very unspiritual. If you love oversized clothing style, you can choose oversized pieces only on the top/bottom.

Whether you choose to wear your hair draped or tied up in a ponytail, they are both good. You can give your hair a little curl arc which can make you look a little more fashionable.

These oversized mood-boosting spectacles frames will continue to be a hit in women's glasses trends for 2022. Do you have a target in mind?