What is considered a wide face for glasses

Did you know we all have different face types? But the good news is we can categorize it. A pair of glasses should perfectly match your face type to enhance your appearance. There are just subtle differences between round and oval, or oblong and diamond face types.

Understanding face types correctly can save you from wasting money on the wrong pair of glasses. If you found a stylish pair of glasses that you really liked but are too tight or narrow, then you might have picked a pair that’s for a different face type. You probably have a wider face.

Don’t worry; you have tons of variety of glasses that suit your wide face.

Before you search for more designs and end up with what you like but don’t suit your face, let’s explore what we consider a wide face for glasses. What are the characteristics of wide face type and how to select one that suits you best?

What is a Wide Face?

You probably have a round face if your head is proportionately wide as it is long, with soft cheeks and a rounded chin. If you outline the outer edge of your face in your photograph, it would be round.

So, only round faces are considered wide faces for glasses? No, a wide face also includes oval, oblong, and heart-shaped ones since they are wider at the forehead and cheekbones. That means a narrow frame will be tight at the temples and always cause discomfort.

Often an oval face is misjudged as a round face because there are very minor differences only. A round face will have a rounded chin, whereas an oval face is slightly pointed. Also, the length and width of an oval face are not equal. Although both are wide-faced, the ideal frame design would vary. The frame should complement your face shape besides providing comfort, elegance, and protection.

wide face sunglasses

To ascertain if you have a wide face, measure the width between your temples. Then, measure the length from your upper lip to the center of your brows. Divide the two measurements – width by the length. The result will give you the width-to-height ratio of your face. Your face is considered a wide face if the ratio is approximately 1.9.  

Some salient features of a round face are:

  • ·The length and width of the face are proportionate
  • ·Rounded chin
  • ·The widest section of the face is the cheekbones
  • ·Cheeks are fuller
  • ·Smooth curves and characteristics

The first two features listed above are for round faces; the rest are common for all types of wide faces.

How to Choose Wide Face Glasses?

Assuming that you have a wide face and would like to have a perfect pair of glasses, we will help you choose frame designs suitable for your face type. Some of the basic parameters to choose the correct glasses are to measure the distance between your temples and your comfort level while wearing them.

Measurements: If you are buying from a physical store, they usually print the measurements on the arms of the frame. There are a set of three numbers (for ex. 55-18-145). The first number indicates your lens width. The second number is the width of your nose bridge. And the third one is the temple width.

When measured, wide frames will have a temple width of 138mm or more. Make sure your frames meet these measurements, especially when buying online.

Fit to Comfort: Do not settle for narrow or medium-width frames even if you like the design or color. It will not be comfortable for a wide face to wear a smaller frame.

The prominent feature of a wide face is its roundness and wide cheekbones. It is better to go for frames with stronger angles to offset the plumpness. Alternatively, you may select oversized frames to draw attention to your eyes rather than your facial structure. Moreover, avoid smaller or circular frames that will make your face look larger.

Best Glasses for Women with Wide Face

When looking for glasses for wide faces, pick styles that extend the face, which contribute to a more harmonious appearance. We have featured some of the frame designs suitable for women with wide faces.

Oversized Glasses

oversized sunglasses

If your face is the widest at the forehead or temples, consider wearing oversized glasses to attract attention to your eyes and level out your wide features. Oversized spectacles are an excellent match for wide faces because they help offset your features.

Go for a thick, boxy, and expansive frame front, if you want to make your face appear thinner. The wider the better, because it will flatter your face by making it appear petite and defined. Furthermore, a chunky frame is sturdier, lasts longer, and provides an awesome sense of confidence.

Geometric Glasses

Geometric spectacles look great on round faces, especially if they have angular features, lens corners, and a prominent brow line. Polygon-shaped spectacles (also known as geometric frames) complement the soft, rounder characteristics of wide faces.

The sharp corners of these frames will help to balance out your roundness and make it less noticeable. Although most frame-shape standards advocate oval frames, jagged or square spectacles might optically slim your face.

Rectangular Glasses

If you want a reliable option, a classic rectangular-shaped frame may be your best bet. Although they suit a wide range of face shapes, they particularly suit round faces. Rectangular-shaped glasses provide a sophisticated touch to your appearance while also making your face look longer and narrower.

Rectangular spectacles for wide face types can attract those beautiful eyes of yours. These frames are highly versatile and may be styled in a variety of ways. Frames like this can distract attention from your jawline while emphasizing your high cheekbones; a flattering effect for round face shapes.

Cat-eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses are unquestionably the most traditional ladies' style. With their retro flair and teardrop-shaped sides, Cat-eye glasses are the perfect way to draw focus to high cheekbones. It can embellish the big cheeks that are characteristic of wide faces.

Any cat eye focuses attention upwards along the browline and away from the roundness of your face. The browline of cat-eye glasses is designed to bring attention upwards and towards your eyes. This makes your face appear narrower and less round if you have a wide face shape.

Which Glasses to Avoid?

Round spectacles have the effect of widening your face. They also draw more attention to your softer, rounder, and wide features. This is contrary to what you're attempting to do, so avoid them at all costs.

Oval frames would give a similar effect as round frames. It would mimic the roundness of your wide face rather than softening it. Best avoided, instead, try some angular frames.

Rimless frames are another glass style best avoided. These give you an elderly appearance and optically 'widen' your forehead. Instead, go for a bolder, acetate-rimmed frame.


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