Can you wash eyeglass cloths

For those who wear glasses, a good lens cleaning cloth is a necessity. It helps them see better by cleaning smudges, fingerprints, and other dirt off of their glasses. Cleaning them is another matter.

What are eyeglass cloths?

glasses cloths

Microfiber cloth is the only eyeglass cleaning cloth accepted by lens manufacturers. It is a wipe used for mechanical cleaning, to remove dust, dirt, water, or whatever disturbs the visibility through the lens. Sometimes you can use wet wipes. Remove streaks, smudges, and fingerprints on your surfaces with our microfiber glass and lens cleaning cloths!

Can I wash the eyeglass cloths?

“Microfiber cloths are lint-free, trap debris and dust, and cut body oils to avoid smearing your lenses. Microfiber cloths should be hand-washed frequently with a lotion-free dish soap (like Dawn original) and allowed to air dry.”

This is the answer given by Google Search. So it's ok for you to wash your glasses cloths.

What is eyeglass cloth made of? Usually, the eyeglass cloths are made from microfiber fabric. Then you can wash them and there are at least 3 different methods you can use to get them clean again.

What is the best way to clean the eyeglasses cloth?

First, you want to vigorously shake it just to get off all the debris and particles from the cloth. Next, you want to hand wash the cloth under cold running water and then scrub it with soap that has no fabric softener in it. Then make sure to rinse thoroughly and squeeze out any water to make sure there are no extra bubbles still trapped in there then just shake it out and leave it to air dry. You can also use a washing machine but make sure to set it on cold and on the delicate setting. Under no circumstance will you want to use any dryer sheets or fabric softeners as that will ruin the cloth and your glasses.

Good Microfiber Cloths for Glasses

We’re often unaware of the importance of microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses for a gentle yet powerful cleaner with dirt and germ-fighting ability you can’t go wrong with the right microfiber cloth. Let’s see some of the tops picks among the best microfiber cloths available to find the one for your glass cleaning job done.

Number one: Koala Lens Cleaning Cloth

Koala lifestyle has been long known as a reliable worthwhile brand that manufactures and produces the best product range of eyewear support equipment. The high-quality koala microfiber cloth for eyeglasses comes in six identical packs to strengthen your optical clarity on multiple different occasions. Not only can the koala cloth help to clear most standard eyewear lenses but it can also clean up sports goggles, camera lenses, and electronic screens pretty well. The microfiber material used on this closet is able to absorb liquids on lenses like heavy oil and water.

Number two: Elite Tech Gear Microfiber Cloth - Perfect for Business and Commercial Uses

It might be overwhelming at first glance to this item from the brand Elite Tech Gear as is such a large glass cleaning cloth of 12x12 inches compared to the average size on the market. Do not worry since you can still fold it neatly to store in the purse or eyewear case without adding extra weight. This cloth will not scratch out the coatings or create terrible streaks on your targeted surfaces. It should be considered an effective and safe cleaning cloth.

Number three: Magicfiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

The best microfiber cloth on this list is a jack of all trades a master of-none option that will handle many different types of surfaces safely. Since many people like to keep a microfiber cloth handy around them at all times when cleaning this cloth size makes portability a key focus. More importantly,  the top spot of the lists needs to provide a great clean up no matter what the surface or mess the magicfiber microfiber cloth comes in a pack of six. Each cloth has smaller fibers that keep the surface extra soft and smooth while retaining the grippy surface needed for a good clean up job.