Radiate your youth and support your eyes with our She Young computer glasses. Lightweight and comfortable, with a gorgeous modern style.

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After a long day...

Long Screen Time

Eye Strain


Not Sleeping Well

What is blue light blocking glasses?

Blue light has shortest wavelength but most energetic in the visible spectrum.

Blue light blocking glasses can filter out these harmful light, prevent multiple symptoms.

While doing so, our glasses won't affect the true color of what you see.

When do I need to wear blue light glasses?

Working or studing with long expose to digital screen.

Catching up new netflix show at night.

Or just need some accessories to match today's outfit.

How to test blue light glasses?

We offer a test kit that you can test if the lenes capable of blocking blue light.

Can I replace it with prescription lenes?

Of course! You can replace the lens with prescription ones.

What if the glasses dosen't fit me?

Please contact us without hesitation. We will provide the best service until our customers are satisfied. You have no risk to try!

Shipping Time 2-7 days

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Great Customer Support

Happy customer

Super cute and comfortable!


"These blue light blocking glasses are so cute, and high quality. The cat eye part makes it so special!! I like products with small but unique details. They really have been withstanding the test of time.

Most importantly, these really block blue light! I have owned much more expensive glasses that don't block as much blue light as these. Also, there isn't a crazy tint on them. Sometimes blue light glasses will have this crazy yellow tint on them, but these look perfectly normal and still get the job done."


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