Why is My Left Eye Twitching Spiritual?

You are getting ready for an important meeting and already late. You are dressed up well with an elegant business suit, matching footwear, and of course, the new mirrored sunglasses because it’s going to be bright and sunny today. But why is your left eye twitching?

Does that indicate anything about the outcome of your meeting? Would that be some kind of a spiritual message? Is that going to be good or bad? Maybe someone is thinking of you. Or is it just an eyelid muscle contraction? How should you interpret it?

These are some of the many thoughts that go through one’s mind when either of the eyes twitches. Be it spiritual or superstition or even medical, there is a firm belief behind it. Many countries have their culture-driven interpretation of such a facial gesture. This article explores the interesting century-old belief system of left-eye twitching.

What is Eye Twitching? 

Myokymia, generally referred to as eye twitching or eye jumping, is an involuntary muscular spasm of the eyelids. Only your upper and lower eyelids are often affected.

Everybody experiences left- or right-eye twitching, which is usually not very serious. It rarely or irregularly comes and goes, causing only slight discomfort and no harm. It is officially classified into three types: General Eyelid Spasm, Benign Essential Blepharospasm, and Hemifacial Spasm.

Lack of sleep, dry eyes, stress, allergies, poor diet, low magnesium levels in the body, or excessive caffeine intake are some of the typical causes of eyelid twitching. It often lasts a few minutes. However, if it continues for a longer duration, it might be an uncommon condition and needs medical attention.

Spiritual Meaning of Left Eye Twitching Explained

Different cultures attribute various spiritual or superstitious meanings or other interpretations to eye twitches. The twitching of the right eye in men and the left eye in women is a sign of good fortune. But in certain cultures, the opposite—the right eye twitch in women and the left eye twitch in men—is likewise regarded as a sign of luck.

eye twitch

We will explore a few countries where left eye twitch is religiously believed as a spiritual sign.



According to a Chinese tradition, if your left eye twitches, it implies good fortune or a significant gold rush, whereas if your right eye jumps, it signifies ill luck. Furthermore, if your lower eyelids begin to flutter, you are either likely to cry or someone is speaking poorly of you.

The Chinese myth surrounding the eyes twitching is also based on a certain time of the day and that makes a lot of difference. For example, if your left eye is twitching between 9 am and 11 am, then you will join a party or feast. Whereas, if the twitching was between 3 pm and 5 pm, then it indicates you might lose money in gambling.

So, if your left eye twitched in the morning while getting ready for a meeting, then, go girl go, you have a party waiting!

India and Nepal

The belief systems of these countries are different for males and females. According to astrology, a woman twitching her left eye is considered lucky, whereas for a man twitching his left eye is a bad omen.

If a woman's left eye twitches, it is believed that she will live a happy, prosperous, and fortunate life. This is because the left eye is associated with the moon; whose rising and fading they believe brings positive changes. It denotes the probability of positive developments in your life in the form of getting a new job, a gift from someone, or even winning a lottery.

However, which part of the eye is twitching also affects the spiritual interpretation.

West Indies

Many Cubans and Trinidadians from the West Indies hold "eye-twitching" beliefs to be true. Eye jumping is the popular phrase for involuntary eye spasms (eye twitching). Depending on which eye is affected, it has several connotations.

They consider left-eye twitching to be a sign of bad luck. Anyone or more of the following may occur if your left eye jumps:

  • Your loved ones could be in danger.
  • Someone you care about is behaving inappropriately behind your back.
  • Some negative information may be revealed to you soon.


It's not a good indication if your left eye twitches and you're a woman in Cameroon or Nigeria. They claim it's a premonition of an impending disaster or loss. You might also interpret it to suggest that you'll mourn.

But some segments of African folklore believe left eye twitching is an indication of a new beginning of your romantic life.


Likewise, Hawaiians believe left eye twitching indicates a probability of death in the family. And Egyptians consider left eye twitching brings unpleasant news as they believe the left side symbolizes a bad omen or evil.

Cubans claim that if your left eye twitches, someone you care about may be in danger. There could be anything from a minor misunderstanding to a more serious issue.

How to Prevent Eye Twitching?

While the spiritual aspect of eye twitching may continue even to the next century, you should be careful and prevent frequent twitching. If so, try keeping a record and charting when your eyelid spasms occur if they are happening regularly. Analyze how much sleep you had before and when your eyelids twitched.

Some quick fixes are:

If these measures do not work, then you need to consult with your ophthalmologist.


You should be mindful that not every left-eye twitching is bad. In spiritual terms, it's generally a positive thing if your left eye twitches if you're a female. But interpretations can vary from culture to culture, so you should always take this with a dose of caution.

Just loosen up and try to unravel the situation deeply than get anxious. Simply imagining the worst-case scenario or being overly optimistic may not be wise. Keep in mind that the left eye can twitch for a variety of reasons because it is a part of your body.