The Best Sunglasses For Throwback Summer Style

Hey! Still looking for the best sunglasses for summer? Don't hesitate, summer will be over soon! This article picks six styles of the best and most fashionable sunglasses for summer for you, so come along and check them out.

Small Cat-Eye Sunglasses

small cat-eye sunglasses
small cat-eye sunglasses

“Disco vibes circa the '70s meet a sensual, cat-eye frame in these groovy specs.”

There is no way anyone in the fashion world has not heard of cat-eye shades. The cat-eye sunglasses range is from all black to colored, from plastic to metal. In a variety of colors and materials, each design brings out the ultimate beauty of cat-eye sunglasses.

The cat-eye style that I want to recommend for you in this article is Small Cat-eye Sunglasses. Compared to the previous oversized one, small cat-eye sunglasses have a more unique design, it presents an upward posture, giving people a more noble feeling.

More extreme is Half Cat-eye Sunglasses, which is the latest player to stand out from the crowd. It looks like a pair of cat-eyes cut in half, with a narrow frame that makes you also look like a black cat, elegant and mysterious, keeping your dash in the summer.

Colorful Chunky Frames

Chunky frames are always seen as a fashion statement. Jenna Lyons and Martin Scorsese wear chunky oversized glasses that are certainly recognizable as part of their persona. For Summer 2022, chunky sunglasses are an excellent choice. The colorful frames show the energetic images of the wearers. Colorful sunglasses in the summer are more eye-catching. Whether they are for shopping outfits or travel photos,  they can be the first time to occupy the center, to catch the eyes of others.

colorful chunky frames

Light Brown Sunglasses

rimless sunglasses

I became obsessed with the Light Brown Sunglasses. The design of her rimless and teal lenses is just stunning! With the champagne colored temples, I almost scream for her elegance and class. The wonderful thing about these sunglasses is that she fits perfectly with a dress while also showing off your glamour in casual wear. I can already imagine how many people would look at you wearing her at a beach party.

Double-bridge Aviator Sunglasses

To achieve the effect of not being affected by the sun in summer, Aviator is the option that gives you the most security. Its classic design, with double-bridge innovation, gives you the best protection at the same time, but also to give your summer outfit more flavour. In the recently passed Coachella festival, this pair of sunglasses appear a lot-- it is not difficult to see how much people love it really deep!

aviator sunglasses

Shield Sunglasses

shield sunglasses
shield sunglasses

From vintage-style shield sunglasses to modern sci-fi-inspired shields, shield sunglasses have caught many people’s hearts. It features a single lens that spans the distance from temple to temple. This may seem like I’m reminiscing on a bygone fashion fad, but shield sunglasses are having a moment right now, in line with the fashion world’s hunger for Y2K trends in general.

Square Mirrored Sunglasses

The impression is that girls who wear mirrored sunglasses are always extra cool. The most trendy mirrored sunglasses for summer are not the classic aviator, but square mirrored sunglasses. Functionally, mirror shades can help protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays. They feature a special anti-reflective coating on the outside of the lenses, which bounces light rays and glare away from the sunglasses and the eyes. Mirrored lenses give a gorgeous and colorful visual impression with a black square frame, a beautiful collision of light and dark.

mirrored sunglasses

How to Style Sunglasses in Summer 2022?

To style different sunglasses, we should keep a role in mind: Combination of simplicity and complexity. When you are dressed simply, you can choose flashy shades to add point to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a light-colored shirt or a white dress, choosing a pair of gorgeous glasses will add an overall fashionable touch. If you want to wear all blackout on the street, choosing a pair of mirrored or shield sunglasses might be a good choice. They maintain your cool temperament and also make your dress more trendy, reflecting your fashion attitude.

A great choice for the hot summer of 2022 is to opt for braids. Boxer braids are also one of popular ones. It is as adaptable as sunglasses, whether it is a sweet dress or a handsome pantsuit, it will fit well.

summer style


Summer sunglasses need to consider not only aesthetics, but protection is equally important. Choosing a pair of sunglasses with UV400 protection will make your summer more enjoyable.