The Best Cat-Eye Eyeglasses Frames of 2024

Past trends never fade away. They always return with time. Natasha Luthra once said, “Cat-Eye Optical is having a moment for women’s styles. Brands have homed in on classic shapes and colors—blacks, tortoiseshell, demure light blues, and red—likely an impact of the times.”Biana Swan, a frame stylist adds, “The Cat-Eye style is a statement look that wins every time so I’m very pleased to see this style back as a fashion go-to for 2024.”


So do you know the history of Cat-Eye eyeglasses? It must be much more exciting than you think. 

The Fascinating History of the iconic Cat-Eye Eyeglasses.

Invented by Altina Schinasi Miranda in the late 1920s, cat-eye eyeglasses revolutionized a masculine-driven eyewear industry. This feline-inspired style started to take off in the 1950s as the stars of the day wore this glamorous shape on the big screen. From its Upper Westside beginnings to famous interpretations as worn by screen legends Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Throughout the post-war years, the popularity of the cat-eye frame for prescription lenses soared. Eyewear companies started to truly cater to the market for feminine frames by adding stylistic touches such as diamante, gold stars, and elaborate flairs to the tips of the frames.

cat-eye glasses

After the surge in popularity of the 60s, throughout the 70s the eyewear world was getting shuck up by funky large square and circular designs made famous by Jackie O. Whilst the frame stayed in manufacture it was no longer the dominant silhouette on the street.

And now here we are again, with cat-eye eyeglasses being hugely popular. At eyeglasses stores, cat-eye frames are readily available to ponder. And as far as sunglasses, the cat-eye frame right now is reigning supreme.

What makes cat eye eyeglasses frames popular for a long time? 


The cat-eye frame is more special than the normal round or square frame glasses. This makes it easier to impress everyone. This is also the original intention of the designer to refute the saying "Men seldom make passes at girls that wear glasses". Just as cats give the impression of being lazy and elegant, people who wear cat-eye glasses also give the impression of being elegant and mysterious. The uniqueness makes people of every generation have a great affection for cat-eye glasses.

cat-eye glasses

Suits for everyone

You may be wondering if such chic eyeglasses will not suit you well. So, who looks good in Cat-eye eyeglasses? Happily, these specially designed glasses suit almost everyone. For people with round faces, cat-eye eyeglasses enhance their soft facial features. For people with diamond and square faces, cat-eye eyeglasses effectively divert attention away from their prominent cheekbones and jawbone, and people will pay more attention to the eyes part. How about it? Don't you think the design of cat-eye eyeglasses is particularly clever?

Perfect for all occasions

One of the best things about cat-eye eyeglasses for women is that it is perfect for all occasions. Whether it is a formal occasion or a fashionable outing, cat-eye eyeglasses can be entrusted with heavy responsibility. In a professional space, it helps the person wearing it appear confident and assertive. For events of a more casual nature, the winged cat-eye shape is the subtle touch of elegance that makes it stand out.

Now, are you also starting to want to go looking for a pair of cat-eye eyeglasses? Don't worry, we've got 5 of the best cat-eye eyeglasses to buy in 2022 for you. Have a look.

Check it out: The 5 Top Cat-Eye Frames

1. Oversized Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

What is the best thing about oversized frames? It provides you with as much range of vision as possible while making your face look smaller and more attractive. They also can certainly complement your style and personality. This frame perfectly blocks ultraviolet rays and you can easily obtain varied patterns and hues in them. ISABELLA offers you a variety of color options, so you can choose the safest black to be the all-rounder in your accessories, or you can choose a special color to add to your outfit.

2. Bold Cat-Eye Eyeglasses 

When you see this style, don't you also think of a spy girl? She's so mysterious and glamorous. The Bold Cat-Eye eyeglasses are the one that will give you that visual effect. One does not need to try hard to fit in this style. It will add glory to you with its own charm. Hipster Party's classic black will definitely give you a new experience.

3. Retro Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

Do you like the retro cat-eye? The classical design of the thin frame makes those who wear it look more elegant. They seem like ladies and gentlemen who would appear on the street in the last century. For those who don't want an overdone style of glasses, the retro cat-eye not only provides you with a clear view but also adds detail to your outfit.

4. Tortoise Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

Tortoise print is a timeless pattern with subtle yet bold details that go with absolutely everything. Tortoise print with a cat-eye frame is a powerful combination that will definitely blow you away! Heartbeat is designed with the popular small cat-eye frame, which gives it a chicer feeling. If you think black is too boring, the tortoise is definitely the right choice for you!

5. Vintage Cat-Eye Eyeglasses

Cat-eye eyeglasses with pearls and rhinestones are definitely a must-buy for 60's style lovers. IRIS is a much-loved product as a bestseller. Its bold design and dazzling rhinestones can easily make you the center of attention. With the oversized design, IRIS can fit all faces well. Pair IRIS with your vintage ensembles, and you will be a charming queen on the street.

Whether at a party or on a trip, put it on and start the 60s trend again!

How to style cat-eye glasses?

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