How to Order Prescription Glasses Online

Many people don’t know how to order prescription glasses online. They may be confused about how to order or they are afraid of getting a pair of unqualified glasses. But in fact, it is a convenient way to order glasses online. You don’t need to go to the store by yourself. Now, I’m going to tell you how to order a pair of nice glasses online:

Choose Your Frames

The first step is to choose the frame you want.

SOJOS provides frame types for eyeglasses, sunglasses and reading glasses, etc.

There are many different types of frames for eyeglasses.

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You can choose your frames from the shape of frames, the style of frames, and also your face shape. Finding a frame suit for you is a good start to ordering wonderful glasses.  

The passage helps you to find the right frame for your face shape.

How to Add the Prescription to Glasses

The next step is to add your prescription to your glasses.

It is not as hard as you imagined.

What you need is just your prescription.


1.Choose Your Lenses

You can choose the different indexes in this step.

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2.Choosing the coating of your glasses

We provide many kinds of coatings, including anti-glare, anti-fog, blue-light-blocking, etc.

You can choose the different coating of glasses as your need.

You can learn more about coatings here.

3. Add your prescription to lenses

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4. Add it into your cart

On this page, you can check your product information. After making sure there are no errors, you can pay and place your order.

5. Completing your order

After checking all the information, you can complete your order. SOJOS will send you a Confirmation Email. Then, just expect to receive your package!


1.How can I do if I don’t know how to read my prescription?

To help you better read your prescription, you can read this passage.

2.What prescriptions do I need for ordering a pair of prescription glasses?

Single Vision: SPH CYL AXIS PD

Progressive Glasses: SPH CYL AXIS ADD PD

3.How will it take to receive my glasses?

Ordering glasses online may take 3-10 days to customize your lenses. The length of time depends on your lens type. (Progressive lenses take more time to be customized.) After being customized, the glasses need 7-10 days of delivery.