Fashion Statement: Must Have Accessories 2023

In the blink of an eye, only December 2022 remains. In the coming days, you are about to welcome Christmas and New Year. Are you ready with the right accessories to welcome 2023? In this blog post, we are gonna show you the trendy accessories you must have for 2023:

# NERD Neckties

nerd style
Stefania Curto for The New York Times​​

Do you ever hear about NERD? This fashion chic is about revenge. The word nerd is first used to refer to guys passionate about academics or science. They like to dress simply in elements that are not considered style-forward.

The crux of nerd style is a clean and creative style. Classy and typical essentials, causal outfits are the basics of this style. For accessories, go with neckties. According to the traditional impression, neckties seem to be an exclusive accessory for men. But with fashion development, ties seem to break this gender barrier. More women are also using ties in their daily attire.

# 1+1>2

One another symbolic accessories of nerd lovers are black-rimmed glasses. This code of the picture perfectly shows the late nineties nerd style. Not only were students everywhere in the college in the 90s, but there were also a number of nerds in films and television shows wearing thick-rimmed glasses.

Thick-rimmed glasses are no longer synonymous with a dull image today. It often represents the crowd's love for collegiate sophistication. A nice pair of nerd glasses will give you a very retro and classic look.

However, when choosing a nerd style for your dress code, be careful not to baste elements. When you have too many nerd elements on you, it is likely to mold you into a true nerd. (For example, you can't wear thick-framed glasses and plaid shirts while carrying a big black school bag.)



@cookieandcoede; @profum_odi_biscotti​​

As the name suggests, Balaclava originated from Balaclava in Crimea. During the Crimean War, the local residents would wear this kind of woolen hat that completely covered their heads, which could effectively resist the cold weather, and the British cavalrymen who participated in the war would also wear it to achieve the effect of keeping warm. Later the British brought this hat back to England, and with the passage of time, gradually spread.

Balaclava hat has a historical background and a mysterious sense of the item itself, so many designers are fascinated by it. On runways this year, many designers dressed the models in Balaclavas. For those who love fashion, Balaclava has a wide range of options. Coarse or fine knits, plain solids, or special patterns, all bring a point to the winter outfit. One will not fail to appreciate the unique versatility of streetwear, snow vacations, and ski trips.

# Y2K Hair Accessories

Amelia Gray Hamlin​​

There's no denying that the Y2K trend did have a huge impact on the fashion scene. This trend was pushed even higher by the GenZ kids. The Y2K style is mainly reflected in the retro comeback - the butterflies and hearts that started appearing on the streets, the sparkling rhinestone embellishments, the low-waist mini skirts, and the accessories that grabbed people's attention.

To let people know your care about fashion, can without having to go through buying big furs or forcing yourself to wear flared pants that don't really fit. Ingenuity is often found in the details.

The little clip that Amelia Gray Hamlin wore in her hair adds a touch of playfulness to her casual and chic outfit. This small item also reflects the youthful energy of girls. Apart from such hair clips, there are various Y2K style hair accessories.

@Dua Lipa​​

If you follow the trends closely, you will not be unfamiliar with this hair clip. It is almost everywhere, in the videos of TikTok influencers, vlogs of YouTube lifestyle bloggers, and even in the photos of celebrities on standby.

There are many other interesting and eye-catching Y2K hair clips, such as rhinestone hairpins, colorful butterfly hair clips, and so on. If you want to show your fashion attitude in the details, these small hair accessories may play a great role.

# Small Sunglasses for Summer 2023

In the early years, for sunglasses, people always wanted to get a pair that was big and wide. This way they could better protect themselves from UV rays and also protect their privacy. But since last year, the trend of sunglasses has shifted to shorter and smaller styles, which include narrow shields, alien styles.

In my personal opinion, the reason people tend to buy small sunglasses is that it shows more of the buyer's attitude toward the future of fashion. They want to show the latest fashion ideas of the 21st century through sunglasses that are different from past styles.

People leave behind the big and heavy sunglasses of the past and put on a relaxed and dashing style to welcome the new era with more vigor.

bella hadid

The above 5 types are the must-have accessories for 2023 that we suggest. Surely, accessories are vital parts of fashion. They might be small, but they do play a great role in your dress. A good accessory will help you to dress more attractive and stylishly. When purchasing your new clothes, don’t forget to choose a nice accessory for your outfits.

Hope this article helps you.

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