Fall 2022: Best Glasses & Sunglasses Styles

Summer is leaving in the blink of an eye; the autumn sun is basking in the streets. The major fashion weeks are beginning to be tainted with the scent of autumn, which also signals a new change in trends for fall. If you pay close attention to the recent fashion weeks, you will find that several eyewear styles are going to become popular. This article tells you the best popular glasses and sunglasses for fall.

FW 2022 Fashion Trend

fashion week

Compared to early spring and this summer's heated clash of colors, FW is going a little more subdued. But that doesn't mean dull. 2022 is a year full of creativity. All the major designers are putting their wisdom and minds into their designs. The pursuit of details and bold innovation permeates the philosophy of 2022 eyewear design. People still have a good feeling about the aviator style, but add a double bridge and colorful tints to it; people still love rectangular styles, but no longer the oversized ones. A thin and narrow one, which is like a cat's eye, is more likely to catch a young girl's eye.

Fashion is in flux, but people's desire for beauty remains the same. Next, SOJOS will introduce you to the best glasses and sunglasses for this fall.

Best Glasses Styles for Fall 2022

The main theme of FW is simple and exquisite. The designers of eyewear pay more attention to the details, giving embellishment to the simple frames. This makes the overall outfit of autumn and winter clothing not clash with each other, but more coordinated.

Next, we will introduce the first glasses for fall: met again.

Met Again. The name is very romantic, isn't it? We meet fall again. Not only does it have a beautiful name, but it also has a special design. See the folded corners of the gold frame, the Polygon design is very trendy. Polygon glasses are so different from ordinary frames, they are designed by an irregular shape with a classy, simple style. Whether it's with a shirt or a denim jacket, it will give you a point for your fall outfit.

met again

The second eyewear to be introduced is paradise, which is very small and classic in design. When you see it, it's like seeing fall in London. The never-failing black round frame design with gold accents gives it both a vintage and modern temperament. Round eyeglasses are loved by artists and celebrities today. I'm pretty sure that people will still be buying round frames this fall.


The last one I would like to introduce you to is retro. Retro comes in a wide range of colors, but the one I would recommend the most is this pink tortoiseshell one. Tortoiseshell has been a popular fashion element for trendsetters since it first appeared. It is not only in eyewear, but also in all kinds of clothing. Tortoiseshell earrings, tortoiseshell buttons, it's a testament to how popular it is. Pink tortoiseshell is a new favorite in the fashion world these days, and it's far more attractive than expected, not only on glasses, but also on sunglasses. Detailed with studs at the corners, the special Retro definitely a good choice for who keep up with the trend.


Best Sunglasses Styles for Fall 2022

fashion week

High-tech is definitely the most popular keyword in recent years. Looking at the popular styles of sunglasses in recent years, it seems that “Matrix” can be found in some shades. People are more in pursuit of chic sunglasses styles. For FW, styles like the narrow rectangular continue to dominate. A new twist to these styles this year is that they are better integrated with the cat eye, instead of a completely square design, they have an upward curve. This gives a stronger aura; if paired with a leather coat, it will be super cool!

The first sunglasses to be introduced are the new BETY from SOJOS. This is a very popular style recently, but what I want to recommend today is not a pure black style. The pure black style is of course very chic and gives great charisma. But the dark tortoiseshell features a special fall feeling. I think that dark tortoiseshell is born to be the element for FW. I can already imagine how fascinating it would look with a pair of BETY in a fall suits. Why can't fall come soon?


The second one is also new from SOJOS, CARNY. Orange color is very eye-catching, right? I was attracted to Carny the moment I saw it. It is like fresh citrus, bringing a lively and fresh feeling to people. Most people's closets in the FW season will be mainly in dark colors. If you use a pair of such bright styles when matching, I think the turnaround rate will be very high. Whether it's a drive to the beach in the fall or a picnic in the park, it will add a different color to your fall outfit.


The third one is the very classic Aviator style, Freya. Why mention the aviator style here? Aviators are back in the fashion world in recent 10 years.  Aviators got yet another new life in 2010 especially if they were in big sizes or bold colors. The most classic design gives it absolute adaptability. Whether you like retro 80s fashion or modern contemporary wear, it will suit your fashion needs. Also, it is an absolute classic to wear it with an aviator jacket in fall.


After introducing so many styles for fall, maybe you are still worried about how to use them to highlight your fall closet. Don't worry, we will introduce you to the absolute eye-catching dressing tips for fall 2022.

How to style glasses/sunglasses in fall

When it comes to being cool, there is nothing better than the combination of "long coat + sunglasses". I think we all have been amazed by someone wearing a long coat, quickly walking through, right? Ha, but it may be that I got too much Matrix. Regardless, I highly recommend a long coat when wearing sunglasses.

How about a leather jacket? Compared to coats, a leather jacket is less restrictive to your body. You don't have to worry about your height or your mobility. It gives you a charming appearance while also keeping your body well protected from the autumn wind.

Also, I’d like to recommend glasses chains. They are also the hottest accessory recently. If you’re looking to add a little style and substance to your outfit, a glasses chain is an investment worth making. Choosing the right glasses chain can make all the difference in the world in how your glasses look.

leather jacket

This is an introduction to eyewear fashion this fall. Hope you will benefit from it.