Don't Choose The Wrong Christmas Present

O What Fun it is to Ride on a One Horse Open Sleigh! 

Yes, but only if your gift bag is brimming with thoughtful Christmas gifts for your loved ones. People have a wide range of likes and preferences. With purchasing done on your smartphone from online retailers these days, all stores are well stocked with loads of new products. In the next three months, Santa Claus will be quite busy delivering gifts.

So, you'd better place your orders quickly because trendy gifts are quickly running out of stock. After the pandemic restrictions were relaxed after a long period of time, everyone is eager to purchase the best products before they are gone.

If you're on a shopping binge but aren't sure what to get, don't worry; this article will be your guide to filling your gift bag. Let us all travel in the open sleigh together and make this Christmas one remember. Receiving these presents will thrill your family and friends. But do you know why we all share Christmas gifts and when this custom began?

Why Do We Exchange Gifts at Christmas?

People have been exchanging gifts for centuries. Even though gift styles and tastes change, the gesture of meticulously selecting, wrapping, and presenting something of value to loved ones has been a joyful experience. People celebrate it all over the world in commemoration of the festive season for centuries, especially during this part of the year.

Well, it’s true that we wholeheartedly celebrate this festive season by gifting our families and friends, but what motivates the world to repeat this wonderful gesture every year?

Let’s understand the historical origin of this tradition.

Saturnalia December Celebration

On the winter solstice, Saturn, the Roman pagan deity of agriculture, was worshipped. Saturnalia gained significance throughout the Ancient Roman Republic. Citizens began celebrating the entire week beginning December 17.

They filled Saturnalia with several activities. Some of the customary activities included giving gifts to Saturn and sacrificing to Saturn.

The Emergence of Christmas Gift-giving

Saturnalia was a wild week in which earthenware figures known as Signillaria were exchanged. The ritual of celebrating and sharing gifts was one of several customs that Christianity accepted in order to adopt these cultures.

Other festive rituals that were naturally adopted included ceremonially lighting lamps, chanting songs of joy, and throwing great feasts. The enthusiasm for these gatherings from individuals of all ages swelled year after year.

It was a sad time for all of us when we couldn't celebrate Christmas because of the pandemic. The market is now bustling with amazing products, and people are traveling to all places. The tremendous rush reveals how much we all missed the grand festivities during the lockdown.   

Christmas Gift-giving Traditions

It's customary to give gifts throughout the Christmas season. However, not everybody gives gifts in the same manner. Christmas celebrations incorporated a variety of cultural traditions from Europe and the US. Here is a summary of some traditions.

The most popular figure globally known for gift-giving is Santa Claus. It is believed that St. Nicholas transformed into the iconic figure of Santa Claus, which then became well-known in Europe and America.

Another fascinating fact is that children in the United States write letters to Santa Claus. Children in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Liechtenstein write letters to Christkind, a young girl with Christ-like traits. Most children, however, think that Santa Claus is the one who brings the gifts on Christmas Eve.

The Barcelona Tourist Guide explains the tradition of gift-giving stems from the Feast of the Three Kings, also known as the Feast of the Epiphany. Children in Italy write letters to the Three Kings in the same manner that children in the United States write letters to Santa Claus.

Did you know that the initial Christmas gifts were candy, pastries, biscuits, apples, and other little gifts? They stuffed stockings with presents. Over time, the stockings withstood, but solid ornaments replaced the edible ones. The Christmas gifting itself evolved. Today's gifting style, materials, and presentation are significantly different, yet the spirit of the season remains as delightful as ever.

What to Gift This Christmas?

Any gift is good, simply because the intention is more important than the value of the gift. The Christmas season eliminates any negativity and is the ideal time to rekindle your relationships. It's easier said than done, and you still have the daunting task of deciding what to give.

We will assist you by recommending some awesome products that are trending this season that your loved ones will be delighted to receive.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

The Christmas season means it is winter time. Warm clothing is the norm. But for your hands, putting on and removing hand gloves frequently may be inconvenient. To keep your palm warm and cozy, a Hand Warmer would be a lovely gift. It is attractive and stylish and retains the heat for 3 to 5 hours before needing to be recharged.

rechargeable hand warmer

Electric Wine Opener

How can you celebrate Christmas without wine? Uncorking the bottle may not be fun when you are too busy partying. Here's a stylish electric wine opener to help you pull the cork. Simply set it on top of the bottle of wine and press the button. No more pulls, and no more spills. Just pour and enjoy the red wine!

wine opener

Retro Rectangle Sunglasses

Step out in style with the perfect eyewear - Retro Rectangle Sunglasses. To match your party attire, you can choose from high-quality metal frames in gold or silver, as well as a range of UV400 colored lenses. This new sunglass comes in a stylish box that can be gift-wrapped, with a microfiber pouch and a microfiber glass cleaning cloth included.  


Series 7 Apple Watch

This Christmas, treat yourself to the latest, smartest technology: a Series 7 Apple Watch. It boasts fast charging capabilities as well as cutting-edge health functions such as step count, SPO2, heartbeat, and much more. With this smartwatch, you may receive calls and notifications on your wrist and stay in touch with your loved ones at all times.

Mini Pocket Projector

 Why stay at home to watch your favorite movie when you can carry it with you in your pocket? Simply connect to your iPhone or Android phone and watch wherever it is most convenient for you. No more bulky projectors. Your gift recipient will be overjoyed to give presentations to impress their bosses. Your child may now enjoy video games on the big screen. Less eye strain and more pleasure on a larger screen!


Weighted Eye Mask

The eye mask is the ideal present for a sleep-deprived friend. This innovative eye mask is made up of four evenly weighted pods that contour to your face, blocking out light and providing calming pressure to help relieve tension. It's great for relieving headaches, calming anxiety, and getting to sleep.

eye mask

Blue Light Glasses

If you wear glasses and read this article without blue-light protection, you'll need two pairs of these glasses: one for you and one for your closest buddy. Choose a tortoise, burgundy, or black frame and the lens color of your choice. Don't forget to get blue-light protection.


We can't possibly cover all of the trending gift options in a single article. So, in the following weeks, we will post a series of stylish gift products to help you be the best Santa for your loved ones.