Good Fit Sunglasses for Asian Faces

I think many Asian people find it hard to buy a pair of Asian face sunglasses. The glasses are always slipping off, making people annoyed. So how to choose the sunglasses that fit Asians? This article will tell you what’s the point and suggest 5 excellent sunglasses for Asian faces.

The Features of Asian Faces

Asian features are not homogeneous but are often characterized by the presence of higher cheekbones and a significantly lower nose bridge. Therein lies the issue, then, when big-name eyewear brands tend to construct frames for the latter demographic, creating issues with a fit for Asians who just want to flaunt the same design.

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What makes Asian fit sunglasses work well on Asian faces?

A growing number of eyewear labels have thankfully stepped up to rectify the problem by offering customers the option to purchase sunglasses made with an Asian fit, often dubbed interchangeably as an alternative fit. Typically, Asian fit sunglasses would have a narrower nose bridge to prevent slippage, longer nose pads to facilitate how the frames sit on the nose, as well as a flatter curvature on the frames to prevent the annoying sensation of having your shades bump against your cheekbones.

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- What is Nose Bridge in sunglasses?

Nose Bridge is the part of your frame that goes over your nose, between the lenses. The bridge of the glasses should sit flush with the bridge of your nose.

- What is the difference between E and W in sunglasses?

W is for Western Nose Bridge, best for a larger, wider fit around the nose.

E is for Eastern Nose Bridge, best for a smaller, narrower fit around the nose.

- Are sunglasses touching your cheeks?

If yes, it means that you may get sunglasses that don’t fit you well. The glasses should not touch your cheeks at all. Sometimes people with flat bridges and high cheekbones have trouble with this.

Sunglasses for Asian Faces: Insider Tips

- Frame Materials Matter
Opt for lightweight materials like titanium or acetate. They ensure durability without adding unnecessary weight to the frames, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

- Adjustable Nose Pads: A Game-Changer
Look for sunglasses with adjustable nose pads. This feature allows you to customize the fit, catering to the lower nose bridge common in Asian faces.

Sunglasses for Asian Faces

- Charmer: Square Metal Shades

Most Asians faces are with high cheekbones, and square sunglasses are a bit wider than round - the width of the sunglasses is very important, which allows them to slightly exceed the width of your face, making your cheekbones less pronounced and your face appear smaller. The slim frame shape of Charmer ensures that it won't press on your cheeks, getting you rid of thinking about the embarrassing situation where your glasses might press on your cheekbones when you laugh. 

- Waymaker: Classic Aviators

From the style point of view, Aviator is very good for all Asian faces wearers as a design that will never go out of fashion. The reason for recommending this pair of sunglasses is not just its Aviator design. Waymaker has a narrower nose bridge than other styles, which means it can better fit the Asian nose bridge. Wearing it, you will never wonder if you can never have sunglasses that fit you.

- Empire: Retro Metal Shades

Why would I recommend this pair of sunglasses? Perhaps you may think that these sunglasses are plain and simple. But the design of these shades has a lot to talk about. Temples with high-quality spring hinges will not press your head, which may annoy you. The bridge is only 15mm, even narrower than Waymaker, and the arm is only 140mm, which makes it closer to your face than normal sunglasses, making it more suitable for people whose sunglasses tend to slip off their faces. 

- Companion: Cat Eyes for Asian faces

Asian face shape is mainly diamond-shaped and round face, and cat-eye sunglasses are almost tailor-made for Asian faces. The moderate size of Companion does not make the Asian slender eyes look too small in the frame. The design of the cat-eye frame, which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, can also hide the characteristics of Asian cheekbones protruding. If you want to have a pair of sunglasses that highlight your femininity and also modify your facial features well, Kira is a great choice to try.

- Confetti: Retro Oversized Oval

With a wider frame, ovals can perform better on Asian faces. What's more, the tortoise will definitely be back in 2024. The tortoise-shell frame adds warmth to your outfits in winter and the coming spring.  A pair of warm-tone frames is more in line with the skin tone of Asian faces, highlighting their gentle and introverted temperament. If you don't want to wear all-black sunglasses and want to bring out a more energetic and cute side of yourself, try Confetti, it will give you a great experience unlike any other.

Above are the 5 sunglasses styles suitable for Asian faces SOJOS summarized for you. However, the classification by region is ultimately biased. In addition to combining the aspects mentioned in the article, you should also consider your own facial features and choose a style that suits you better. Hope this article can be helpful to you.


Do all sunglasses fit Asian faces the same way?
While many sunglasses are versatile, it's crucial to consider your specific facial features. Aviators and oversized frames often work well, but always try before you buy for the perfect fit.

What lens tint is ideal for Asian skin tones?
Neutral tones like brown or gray work well with Asian faces. They provide excellent contrast without being too overpowering.