Buying new glasses for your mom? Get a Guide!

Are you thinking about surprising your mom with a stylish pair of glasses? Fantastic idea! But before you dive into the world of eyewear, let's explore why updating those frames is essential.

mom glasses

Why do glasses need an update? 

It's not just about functionality; updating your mom's glasses can be a delightful way to enhance both her vision and style. Over time, not only do prescriptions change, but fashion trends evolve as well. By giving your mom a new pair of glasses, you're not just providing clear vision; you're also offering her a fashion-forward accessory that complements her unique style.

What glasses are suitable for moms? 

1. Cat-eye - vintage style 

Cat-eye eyeglasses are a timeless choice that adds a touch of vintage flair to any look. The upswept outer edges create a subtle yet stylish lift, making them perfect for moms who appreciate a classic and sophisticated aesthetic. Whether your mom is attending a social event or just reading a book at home, cat-eye frames bring a sense of glamour to every moment.

2. Metal - elegant 

Metal frames are a versatile and elegant option for moms who prefer a minimalist and refined style. These frames come in various shapes, from round to rectangular, allowing you to choose a design that complements your mom's face shape. Lightweight and durable, metal glasses are perfect for moms on the go, providing both comfort and a touch of sophistication.

3. Rectangle - daily wear 

If your mom values practicality and comfort, consider rectangle frames for her daily eyewear. These frames are a classic choice that suits various face shapes and lifestyles. Whether she's running errands, working, or enjoying a leisurely afternoon, rectangle pairs offer a timeless and understated look that seamlessly integrates into her daily routine.

What should be considered when choosing glasses for moms? 

1. If they need reading or progressive glasses

Understanding your mom's specific vision needs is crucial if they need reading or progressive glasses. Whether it's reading glasses for close-up tasks or progressive lenses for a seamless transition between distances, choose accordingly.  

2. Pay attention to the fit 

Ill-fitting glasses not only look awkward but can also cause discomfort. Ensure the frames fit well on your mom's face, providing optimal vision without sliding down or pinching.  

3. The weight 

Comfort is key! Opt for lightweight frames that your mom can wear for extended periods without feeling weighed down. This ensures a pleasant experience throughout the day. 


Choosing new glasses for your mom is a thoughtful gesture combining functionality and style. Whether it's the vintage allure of cat-eye frames, the timeless elegance of metal, or the practicality of rectangles, there's a perfect pair for every mom. Pay attention to their specific vision needs, ensure a comfortable fit, and watch your mom embrace a new perspective, quite literally!