Best Sunglasses for Summer


A pair of sunglasses is not just an accessory but creates a style statement by enhancing the look of your outfit. It can change the way you look and feel about yourself. With approaching spring season and blazing bright sun, the need for sunglasses intensifies even more. New styles approach the market every now and then with sleek styles, quirky trends and classic details. So with summer just around the corner, it becomes very much important to buy a new pair. 

Best Sunglasses to choose this summer

It gets very difficult to get protected from the blazing sun. Not just the brightness but harmful rays have a bad impact on your skin and eyes. So, here is a list of sunglasses you can buy categorized into type and brand.

Sunglasses according to type

· Micro is back

These rectangular shaped, micro sunglasses are back from the 90’s style and gaining back the popularity among celebrities as well. Its sleek and elegant design makes it go with anything from casuals to formals. Just throw a pair and you’re good to go.

· Retro aviator shades

Aviator shades have seen a lot of variations and developments in terms of color, style and design. The modern combination of retro and aviator shades has fresh color palettes and details of titanium.

· Evergreen Transparency

Transparent and translucent have been popular for years in making of sunglasses. Combination of these too gives a perfect look best suitable for your summer collection. These come in all shapes from cat-eye to round and even rectangular. You can find a pair for yourself at this website- 

· Shields of armor

The futuristic look of shield frames which have gotten even bigger and better with time can be your next summer look this season. These frames have even become popular among many celebrities including Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian West who have crafted their own variation of these sunglasses.

· Catty eyes

The one thing that never goes out of style especially for ladies are the cat-eye frames which sure are going to get a funky new look this summer. You can choose from either wing-shaped frames having cut-out detailing or prints and hues.

· Go-to-frame with a twist

There is nothing better than a round frame with a twist. Circular frames made of tortoiseshell materials and contrasting acetates can easily be your next purchase. The trendy style with a regular frame gives a new twist to these pairs.

· Experience the world with logo

Many designers put their brand names and logos on their sunglasses. The latest trend, however, is to print the brand name or logo in front of the lenses itself. It is a stylish way to remind yourself about the brand you’re wearing plus of course it’s in trend.

Brands and Sunglasses

· Ray-ban Wayfarer double bridge

Brand list of sunglasses is incomplete without mentioning the iconic Ray-Bans. The brand paired with legendary Wayfarers results in a masterpiece you should definitely consider buying this summer season. A metal bar is also added across the bridge and is paired with the classic fifties shape. 

· Oakley Crossrange Shield Snapback

A mixture of retro style and shield frame, these new Oakley glasses are all you need this summer while going on your adventurous vacation or while simply walking through the beach.  They are made with a one-piece neon lens for a more broad view.

· Maui Jim Mongoose

What is better than a Mongoose featherweight frame? Well a featherweight frame with green lenses. The clever lenses of Maui not just dim the bright light but also boost the contrast and color of your view. It’s the best pair you can use while sailing through the blue water sea.

· Bose Frames

Any brand list is incomplete without a smart device making its way. That’s right sunglasses have also been added to the list of devices that make your work easy. These new Bose pairs are packed with mini Bluetooth speakers adding sound to your vision. They are even UV-protected and can be played with Siri or Google assistance.

· Toms Manu

Feel like doing something good in return of a nice pair of sunglasses? Buy Toms Manu and help people see clearer and better. Every pair you buy helps an individual receive an eye examination or treatment.

· Fendi Eyewear Red Logo Lens Round Sunglasses

This is a great combination of round frames with popular Fendi logo on the lens and makes a style statement this summer season. The red color lenses add an even better view to your next summer holiday.

So, whether you decide on buying a top brand like Fendi or Gucci, or go out of style in buying a pair of trendy micro shades, you will definitely make a style statement of your own.