Best sunglasses for round face females


Sunglasses for Round Face Females - Frames That’ll Flatter Your Style

Are you buying your first pair of sunglasses? Then it's not a stretch to say that finding a style-flattering sunglass is more difficult than finding a figure-flattering gown.

This is because selecting a sunglass is not just a matter of personal taste. It’s more about finding one that will accentuate your facial characteristics.

And thumb rule for that is to buy a sunglass that contrasts your face shape. You will only obtain the right balance and proportion essential to highlight your facial features and personal style. You are in luck if you are a female with a round face. Today's guide is about finding the best sunglasses for round-face females.

However, before we get to the best sunglasses for round-face females, you should determine if your face shape is indeed round. Once you've confirmed that, you may choose sunglasses for round-face females from the carefully curated list provided in this post.

What Defines a Round Shape Face?

If you're not sure if your face shape is round or not, do this simple test. In front of the mirror, answer yes or no to the following questions.

  • Is the width of your forehead and jaw nearly the same?
  • Is the measurement of your face from top to bottom and side to side almost the same?
  • Is your cheekbone the widest part of your face?
  • Is your jaw curvy, smooth, and not pointed?
round face

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, you most likely have a round face. As a result, you may refer to the list of sunglasses for round-face females below and purchase one or perhaps more that appeal to you the most.

Best Sunglasses for Round Face Females

The following are some of the best sunglasses for round-face females. However, it is essential to mention that these are only general recommendations. Ultimately, it comes down to purchasing one you are confident and feel good about.

Angular Sunglasses

Ladies, you should make square and rectangular frames for your best friends. These are the best sunglasses for round-face females. These wider-than-face frames are perfect for adding balance and proportion to your face.

Angular sunglasses soften and refine your facial characteristics by making your face look longer and leaner. If you want to add versatility to your face, I suggest experimenting with angular frames in vibrant colors.

Geometric Sunglasses

Sunglasses for round-face females are not just limited to square and rectangular frames. With geometric-shaped eyeglasses, you can always add more angles and lines. These are non-traditional and help to soften the curvaceous aspects of the face.

The most striking ones are the octagons and hexagons. These sunglasses for round-face females, despite not being ordinary dull frames, will offer you a retro look. So, if you're looking for something vintage but versatile, try geometric sunglasses.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses  

Cat eye frames, but only those with angular lines, make the best sunglasses for round-face females. With their trademark upswept wings, cat eye sunglasses slim down the face and lift the broader cheeks, smoothing the rounded features. It also draws attention to the eyes and browline.

If you want something bold, sexy, and confident, look for frames with thicker upswept edges. You can rock any cat-eye frame you choose as the ideal sunglasses for round-face females as long as you avoid frames with circular edges. This is because cat-eye frames exude elegance and make you appear desirable.

Aviator Sunglasses

Some people believe that aviator frames are inappropriate sunglasses for round-face females. They are best suited for faces that are oval or square in shape. However, if you adore aviators and want to do them, you may get ones with transparent frames.

Instead of severing the curvy aspects of your face, aviator sunglasses for round-face females will even out and accentuate the round face nicely.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are always a wise choice. They complement any facial shape. If you're shopping for sunglasses for round-face females, go for bigger frames. They will deflect attention away from your round face and add oomph to your style.

Again, for a daring touch, choose colorful, thick-rimmed frames. The best thing about oversized sunglasses is that they are versatile; you can wear them to the beach during the day and to a party at night.

D-Squared Sunglasses

D-squared frames are fashionable and appropriate sunglasses for round-face females. Sporting these glasses will add more dimension to your face. Above all, the angular edges, such as square and rectangular frames, properly balance the plumpness of the face, offering you a distinctive look.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

Are you looking for sunglasses for a round-face female that is both casual and formal wear? Then clubmaster sunglasses should be your go-to choice. Clubmaster sunglasses are both stylish and timeless. Getting one with a flat browline and longer temples will substantially flatter your round face.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Wayfarer sunglasses do not highlight the characteristics of a round face. So, why do I include this on my list of sunglasses for round-face females? People with round faces, however, can still enjoy this cute accessory if they get one that is medium in size and fully reflective. The medium-sized frame does not draw attention to the rounded proportions of the face, and the mirrored element adds a youthful appeal.

Browline Sunglasses

Other inappropriate sunglasses for round-face females. Browline frames appear tiny on the face and do not draw attention to the prominent facial aspects. Also, they do not add lines or dimensions to the face. But these are the coolest vintage frames that everyone wants to put on.

Thankfully, even with a round face, you can flatter your style with browline sunglasses. The only requirement is that you select a medium-sized, semi-rimless frame. This pattern will draw attention to your proportions by creating a sense of length and balance.

Final Words!

The list of best sunglasses for round-face females has come to an end. But what about the sunglasses you should steer clear of?  It's advisable to avoid choosing sunglasses with round, oval, tiny, transparent, or skin-colored frames. These frames will not look well on you and may overpower your features.

As a result, choose from the list of sunglasses for round-face females to enhance your appearance and make the right investment. That's it! I hope you found this helpful guide and that you are now ready to rock your new sunglasses.