Which Glasses Suit Your Face?


It’s not just about how you look, it is what binds your outfit together to create an ensemble. Your glasses frame has the same role as earrings and necklaces in making this happen for any fashion conscious individual!

Make the wrong choice of frame and even a super star can cause fashion disaster.

Hence, a frame that shines with your personality would make a perfect complement for those seeking to shine.


Here below are some our suggestions for different face shapes:

Oval face - suitable for all frames

Oval face is suitable for wearing various frames, but the size of the frame should be proportional to the size of the face.

Especially female oval face which is suitable for any style of frames, so you just choose our hottest style without hesitation !


Round face - suitable for slender or square frames

The face of the round shape is shorter, so had better match with the slender frame which can slightly reconcile the overall feeling.

Square frame is helpful for decorate facial line and highlight longitudinal line.

Men: should select flat or pear-shaped frames rather than those too round or too square frame.

Ladies: in principle, you should avoid any very obviously featured frame.

You should choose slightly flat & warped frame instead of too round or straight frame.

Square face - suitable for round frames

Buccal of the square face is wider and shorter, it may looks tough.

In order to tone down facial line, choose the round frame which slightly make a face look more downy and ease the wider cheek .

And that you should choose frames that are slightly wider than your face shape, which will make your face look slightly longer.

Rectangular face - suitable for rectangular frames

Rectangular face, just as its name implies, the face is longer as regular one.

The frame should cover the face as much as possible.

Try to choose a thick frame frame to reduce the impression of long face.

Men: It is advisable to choose frames with long height, such as those with large square shape frame.

Ladies: It is advisable to choose the frame with approximate square edges and corners. The higher height can counteract the excessively long face.


All in All, you can always find the "right one" in our website.

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