The Best Color-Tinted Sunglasses for Summer

The hot summer sunshine once again gives the earth energy and vitality. We shake off the heavy coats, take off the plush hats and return to a lighter state. In the world of fashion, summer symbolizes the return of vibrant elements. All colors come back to fashion like a revival. In the summer, sunglasses, and fashion accessories in the absolute position, will also follow the trend of changing their own color.

Do you want to know the best color of sunglasses for summer? Let's take a look.

tinted sunglasses

How to Choose Color Tinted Sunglasses?

In 2022, tints are becoming essential when you're selecting new eyewear. 

So, what is the point to choose color tinted sunglasses? Is there any difference between colors? Definitely yes.

Different tints have different effects, 12% tints can guarantee the basic protection of glasses. 12% tints allow only 12% of light to come through the lenses and are ideal for high glare conditions and prolonged sun exposure. This tint helps reduce eye strain and fatigue. Sunglasses tints should be at least 60% intensity to provide adequate protection. For most outdoor activities and daytime driving a 70-80% intensity works well.

Recommended Color Tinted Sunglasses:


red tinted sunglasses

  Red-tinted sunglasses are very popular among superstars. These stylish red lens glasses were made popular by countless movies. Selena Gomez, Robert Downey, and other big names have all worn these shades. These oversize aviators have a classic teardrop shape that is easy to wear with any outfit. Not only are they excellent as a fashion items, but also as a protector. Red lenses enhance depth perception and reduce eye strain. They provide good visibility on the road.

red tinted sunglasses


Orange tinted sunglasses are meant to be very good for the night. A lot of people wear them for driving or cycling at night because when wearing something like yellow, the world doesn’t become darker but seems to brighten up even though you are cutting out some of the levels of light. Rimless orange-tinted sunglasses are also a good choice, but nowadays it is more popular to match an orange-red box. This is more in line with the current trend. However, no matter what kind of frame you choose, orange lenses can always bring you a good experience.

tinted sunglasses
tinted sunglasses

Dark amber, copper and yellow lenses are useful when judging distance, enhancing depth perception, improving color contrast in sunny or cloudy weather conditions. Wear these when engaging in high-altitude sports and golf can be a good choice. Yellow tinted sunglasses might not be so stylish, but they are very easy to wear. It has great matchability and blends well with most outfits.

Compared to red and orange tints, yellow tinted sunglasses won't give your world an overly bright color, but guarantee tints protection. Also, if you don't want to be overly bright in a crowd, yellow tinted sunglasses would be a passable accessory.


Green lenses are ideal for outdoor activities. They are great for everyday use, reduce glare and brighten shadows and are excellent in rainy or sunny weather conditions. The tinted sunglasses I would like to recommend for summer 2022 are mint green. This color lens gives an incredible feeling and gives you inner peace and rest under the hot summer sun. These rimless mint green sunglasses are so attractive at the Fendi show. The photo received widespread online attention and created a deep interest in the mint green lenses.

green tinted sunglasses


Purple tinted sunglasses are recently popular among youngsters. Whether it's light purple or dark purple, purple tints present a chic sense of style. They have a more electronic technology feel in cooler tones. 

Maybe it’s because Y2K fashion is back in vogue, many fashion celebrities are falling love with them. With the new trendy half cat-eye style, the charm of purple tints can almost convince most of the fashion world.

purple tinted sunglasses

There is a lot to be said for choosing the color of your sunglasses. Apart from personal preference, it is also a good way to start with your skin tone.

How to check your skin tone?

There are many ways to test for skin tone. The most authoritative test is by the color of the blood vessels on the wrist. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone. If your veins look green or a greenish blue, you have a warm skin tone. If you can't tell whether or not your veins are green or blue, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

skin tone

If you have warm undertones, you want to look for sunglasses with a yellow base. So the red, orange, yellow and pink tinted sunglasses are good choices for people with warm undertones. If you have cold undertones, we recommended you have some mint green and purple tints. For neutral undertones, you don't need to hesitate too much, because most of the tints will fit you very much.

Color-tinted sunglasses lead an active lifestyle. Whether you're looking for more effective protection for your eyes or a brighter look for summer, choosing a pair of color-tinted sunglasses will always give you something to look at.