Square Sunglasses Make You Chic in Summertime

Square sunglasses are no longer just a passing trend – they’re here to stay. The unique shape has become a fashion staple for those who seek an edgier aesthetic and want to make a statement with their frames. With the resurgence of this retro style, square sunglasses have once again become the must-have accessory for summer season.

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History of Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses have been around since the 1960s and rose to popularity in the 70s and 80s when people wanted a more daring silhouette. Today, square frames are seen as fun and stylish, lending an iconic look that is equal parts vintage charm and modern edge.

Benefits of Wearing Square Sunglasses

Square sunglasses come in different designs featuring unique touches like brow bars or nose pads which can also be used by people looking for prescription eyewear without sacrificing their sense of style this upcoming season – check out Retro-super-future! Overall there’s no denying that these types of shades have somehow become even more popular among celebrities from Kim Kardashian all the way up to Meghan Markle who are often seen donning classic black squares over their big Hollywood smiles!

Protection from Sun Damage

When the summer months hit, round sunglasses become a staple accessory to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and complete any outfit. But if you’re looking for something different, square sunglasses may be the option for you. Not only are they stylish accessories but they come with numerous benefits as well.

Square sunglasses offer extra protection due to their thickness and size since the frame is bigger than your standard rounded lenses. This type of frame also wraps around the face, giving a larger coverage area from UV rays and excessive light exposure that can cause damage to your eyes.

Complement Your Outfit

Another great benefit of wearing square sunglasses is that they can complement different face shapes by providing more definition than round frames. As well, square lenses work with various hair colors to help you create an eye-catching look when out and about this summer season!

Also, there are plenty of designer brands that offer unique designs to add an element of vintage charm or a modern edge to any outfit. With so many options available at affordable prices — it’ll be easy to find something that will fit your individual style preferences and make you stand out from the crowd!

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Celebrity Style with Square Sunglasses

Celebrities have been rocking these fashionable shades all summer long on red carpets and during street-style photoshoots alike! From Kate Bosworth to Rihanna to Cara Delevingne — everyone’s trading in their old shades for new trendy frames. Victoria Beckham was famously spotted wearing oversized pina coladas frames during her family vacation in Italy this past July while her son Romeo stylishly wore his own mini version of the same style right beside her!


Sleek Square Sunglasses

sleek square sunglasses

Brightly-colored frames to classic black and white styles, these sunglasses make a statement of fashion and flair. We've noticed many celebrities wearing the sleek square-shaped look on their social media recently - an endorsement that motivates us to give them a go! Whether for a special occasion or your everyday look, sleek square sunglasses add the perfect touch of sophistication.

Oversized Square Sunglasses

Oversized square sunglasses have been a summer fashion favorite for years, and it's not hard to understand why. These sunglasses offer significantly more coverage than standard-sized frames, which provides much-needed protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Rimless Square Sunglasses

The rimless square sunglasses are a summer must-have item that has become increasingly popular with the fashion-conscious. Not only do these glasses look chic and modern, but they also provide full UV protection while still maintaining an elegant and timeless style. Furthermore, rimless sunglasses are incredibly versatile and can be paired with any outfit to give your look an instant boost.

Tinted Square Sunglasses

tinted square sunglasses

Tinted square sunglasses are a great way to add an energetic summer style to any outfit. With tinted lenses, these glasses stand out in the crowd and can be seen as a fashion statement. By adding a hint of color with tinted lenses, these sunglasses can turn heads and bring a unique look to any summer outfit.

Styling Ideas to Compliment your Sunglasses Look

Wear a tank top with your square sunglasses to add a chic flavor

If you are looking for an easy way to up your sunglasses look game, throwing on a tank top is an effortless way to boost your style. Tank tops pair well with square sunglasses as the crisp lines of the tank top and sharp edges of the sunglasses create a modern, chic silhouette. A tank top can be dressed up or down to match whatever look suits your taste, making it the perfect piece for any outfit. Plus, tank tops are lightweight and comfortable, so you can rock your sunglass look all season long.

Combine with a skimpy mini dress and rectangular sunglasses for a perfect summer look

Looking to make a statement this summer? Opt for a skimpy mini dress and pair it with some sharp rectangular sunglasses. Skimpy mini dresses are off-the-shoulder, light, and flirty; embracing your feminine curves while still giving you that sultry feel. Sunglasses complete any outfit, and when it comes to this particular set, rectangular shapes are the epitome of fashion-forward style. Whatever the setting, sporty activities, or dinner night out with friends – this combination will have you feeling confident, comfortable, and on trend. Show the world your unique style without having to say a word.

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To conclude, whether you’re attending a wedding or lounging poolside with friends during your summer break - rocking a pair of modern day square sunglasses will instantly make feel like an A-list celebrity getting paparazzi ready! So give into it already; trust us when we say - these timeless aviators will undoubtedly make you look chic every single time!