Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses

Glasses have become a true statement piece in the style world. I was embarrassed to wear glasses until they became mainstream chic, and now I’m always so excited to incorporate them into my look on the days I wear them. But when it comes to applying makeup with glasses, it can be a struggle. Makeup application is quite a handful for most women. Add a pair of eyeglasses into the equation and applying and maintaining makeup can be quite an impossible feat for many. However, wearing glasses does not mean that you should avoid wearing makeup altogether. What you need to do is to find the makeup tips that will help create the makeup look that’s best for you. From contouring tips to lip shades that are perfect for your makeup look. We’ve got the tips and tricks to make your face shine from behind your frames.

If you want to know some of the best tips for applying makeup with glasses, read on!


Learn how to contour

Since you are wearing glasses, there are times when your glasses cast shadows on your eyes, the best thing that you can do is to lighten up certain parts of your skin. Use lighter foundation in the skin surrounding your nose as well as under the eyes. This simple step can surely work but if you wish to take things into a whole new level, you can try bronzer on your cheekbones, side of the nose and top of the forehead.

Dont wear too much foundation

One of the most common problems is the dents, red marks and scuffs the nose pads and bridge of the glasses leave behind. It's an obvious one, but the thicker you layer on your foundation, the more noticeable the dent will be. So when you're applying your base, apply what's left-over to your nose to keep the coverage there light. In the areas that you need more, pinpoint on some extra coverage with your concealer.And our fashion editor and chicest resident specs-wearer, Charlie Teather, recommends you "keep the finish of your foundation quite matte on the bridge of the nose where your glasses sit or they'll slip around and rub off any makeup."

Eyeliner Makes All the Difference

Add definition to your eyes from behind the lenses by applying eyeliner to your upper and lower lids. Use a gel liner on the top and a thin swipe of powder eyeliner on the bottom to draw attention to your gorgeous eyes.

Add some shimmer on your lower lid

If you wish to make your eyes look more noticeable, the best way to do so is to put some shimmer color on your lower lid. Through this simple step, you can direct people to your lovely eyes. You will surely get compliments once you do this!

Use Fresh Mascaraand Curl your lashes

Old, expired mascara can flake onto your glasses, which is never a good look. To keep this from happening, make sure your mascara is always fresh! Never use mascara for over three months after its been opened, and opt for a creamy, waterproof mascara to prevent your lashes from sticking to your glasses.

Blush is a must

When you are wearing glasses and you are keeping your lips as natural as possible, the best way to add some color to your face is by putting on some blush. It is best that you opt for a blush powder so that the product will not mess up your glasses. Opt for one in pink shade and apply it along the apples of your cheeks to make your blush look natural.

Dab Primer on the Bridge of Your Nose

If you wear glasses, you know they have a tendency to slip down the bridge of your nose. To keep this from happening, dab a pinch of eyeshadow primer (NOT foundation primer) on the area, and voila, problem solved!

Highlight your cheekbone

If you wear glasses, you know they have a tendency to slip down the bridge of your nose. To keep this from happening, dab a pinch of eyeshadow primer (NOT foundation primer) on the area, and voila, problem solved!

Switch the Focuson lips

The focus will naturally be on your eyes when you’re wearing glasses, but to change things up, add a bright lipstick to make some impact. A lip that pops looks amazing paired with glasses and brightens your face all around. Try a product like the Chanel Rouge Allure lip color in Eblouissante for maximum impact.

The most important thing is to choose a stylish pair of glasses!


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