How to Wear Make-up with Glasses

I know there are lots of people who don’t like to wear contact lenses, and I either. I can’t stand contact lenses in my eyes for a long time, it makes my eyes feel bad. Most women, they have needs for makeup every day. It may be because of their jobs, or their pursuit of beauty. So how to solve the problem? One cannot be blind while having my beautiful face, right? Today, we are going to discuss how to do makeup when wearing glasses.


When wearing glasses, it’s inevitable that the lenses distort your facial features, especially your eyes. This is not the only problem eyeglasses cause. Glasses-wearers must know the red marks on noses after taking off their glasses. So what are the solutions to these problems? How can I have perfect make-up when wearing glasses?

First: Consider what is your need?

Please don’t skip this step. This is quite important for having suitable make-up for you. Everyone has their standard for make-up. Some want to improve their skin condition. Some want to better highlight their facial features. For the former, one can just focus on the foundation and concealer. But for the latter, there will be more steps to take care of. So considering what your need is the first step and also a vital step.

Second: Focus on your needs

make-up products

Now, you have found out what you need. Then, we need to meet it. There are a few steps:

Basic Make-up

Foundation is like the base of your make-up. If the base makeup is bad, then all subsequent steps will be affected or even become useless. For different skin types, people need to find the foundation suited for them. Dry skin needs to look for products with high moisturizing ability while oily skin needs to look for matte and oil-free products.

Then we need to cover up the blemishes on our faces.

As the glasses will attract people’s attention to our eyes. It’s necessary for us to cover up the dark circles under our eyes. At this point, we need to look for a moderate product. If the concealer is too dry, it will easily lead to powder accumulation lines under the eyes, making us look lousy.

For people with freckles and inflammation, wearing glasses is such a good thing to cover the blemishes. The frame will prevent others from noticing your little flaws. So when wearing glasses, you don't need to bother too much about the blemishes on your cheeks.


So what about red marks on the nose?

red marks

You need to decide where your glasses will sit, or where the glasses nose pads will locate. Once you have chosen a location, reduce the amount of foundation in this area. You don't need to apply concealer deliberately because the weight of the glasses is destined to cause creasing and cakey. After your makeup is done, you can press a few oil-absorbing papers on this area. If you have oily skin, you can apply the paper in the middle of the day and in the afternoon as well.

Highlight their facial features

As we mentioned, when wearing glasses, it’s easy for people to look at your eyes. So if you want to look greater, it’s best to highlight your eyes.


To this part, it’s time to decide what make-up style you will follow. For people who want to look special or charismatic, you can have bolder eyeliner, also volumizing mascara. If that's not enough, the visual impact of colored eyeliner must be enough.

*Attention: Before applying eyeliner, make sure to set the eye makeup. Otherwise, it is not good to outline the eyeliner when you draw it, and it is easy to smudge it subsequently. (Smudge-proof eyeshadow base is a worth buying product.)

For girls who don't want too much makeup, you can choose a light pink eyeshadow and use a brown eyeliner pen to outline your eyes. For mascara, you can choose a lengthening type instead of a volumizing one.

For the other parts, such as eyebrows, blush, and lipstick, you just need to choose the right product according to your preference or your habit. It is also good to choose the corresponding lip gloss and blush color, with consideration of the color of your frame.

Glasses with make-up

Choosing a good pair of glasses is also an important part. So what’s the standard?

There is some advice: Whether you like metal or plastic, black or transparent, find a pair of lightweight glasses. As we mentioned in the previous article, nose pads for glasses can easily leave marks on the base makeup. Choosing a pair of lightweight glasses will not only help us alleviate such a situation but also prevent the glasses from constantly slipping when the base makeup is oily.

As for the color, if you like nude make-up, I highly recommend you buy a pair of pink glasses. According to the trend, glasses with double-bridge are also very marketable these days.

However, no matter what style of glasses you prefer, remember to consider whether it fits your face shape; too big and too small can give you a bad wearing experience.


How to wear make-up with sunglasses?

Is makeup unnecessary for sunglasses wearers? Definitely no. Not all sunglasses have total dark lenses. Wouldn't it be nice to have beautiful bright eyes when you're wearing sunglasses with light color lenses?

Hope this article is useful for you.