How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Retro Sunglasses

Retro sunglasses have become a fashion staple, adding a touch of nostalgia and style to any outfit. With their timeless designs and unique features, these sunglasses have gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts. If you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of retro sunglasses, this guide will provide you with the essential steps to make an informed decision.

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1. Understanding Retro Sunglasses

Retro sunglasses are characterized by their vintage-inspired designs and distinct features. They pay homage to different eras, such as the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s. Wearing retro sunglasses not only adds a fashionable flair to your look but also offers practical benefits like UV protection for your eyes.

2.Considerations before Purchasing

Before diving into the world of retro sunglasses, there are a few factors to consider to ensure the perfect fit for your style and face shape.


Face Shape Analysis

Identifying your face shape is crucial in selecting the most flattering retro sunglasses. Whether you have an oval, round, square, or heart-shaped face, each shape has recommended sunglass styles that complement your features.

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Personal Style and Preferences

Your personal style plays a significant role in choosing the right retro sunglasses. Determine the frame materials and colors that best align with your fashion preferences, whether you lean towards bold and vibrant or prefer understated elegance.

UV Protection and Lens Quality

Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays is essential. Look for retro sunglasses that offer adequate UV protection. Additionally, consider lens quality options like polarized or mirrored lenses to enhance visual clarity and reduce glare.

3. Popular Retro Sunglass Styles

Explore the iconic retro sunglass styles to find the one that resonates with your taste and complements your face shape.

Aviator Sunglasses
Known for their timeless appeal, aviator sunglasses feature a distinctive teardrop shape and thin metal frames. They suit a variety of face shapes and work well for both casual and formal occasions.

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Cat eye sunglasses exude femininity and vintage charm. With their upswept outer corners, they flatter faces with softer features and add a touch of retro glamour to any outfit.

Square Sunglasses
The Wayfarer style is a classic choice loved for its versatile design. With their bold frame and angular shape, wayfarer sunglasses suit various face shapes and are perfect for those seeking a timeless, yet modern, look.


4. Trying On and Evaluating Sunglasses

When shopping for retro sunglasses, it's crucial to try them on and evaluate their fit, comfort, and visual clarity.

Sizing and Fit
Ensure the sunglasses are the right size for your face. Measure them properly and consider factors like the bridge width and temple length. A well-fitting pair should feel secure and comfortable.

Assessing Comfort and Weight
Consider the weight of the frames, especially if you plan to wear your sunglasses for extended periods. Look for lightweight options that won't cause discomfort or pressure points on your face.

5. Examining Clarity and Visibility

Check the lens quality for clear vision without distortions or reflections. Try on the sunglasses outdoors to assess their ability to reduce glare and provide optimal visibility.

6. Additional Tips for Purchasing

To make the most of your retro sunglasses shopping experience, keep these additional tips in mind:

A. Research and Compare Brands
Spend some time researching reputable retro sunglasses brands. Read online reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the quality and customer satisfaction associated with each brand.

B. Budget Considerations
Set a budget for your retro sunglasses purchase, keeping in mind that quality often comes with a price. However, you can find affordable options without compromising on style and durability by exploring different brands and retailers.

C. Warranty and Return Policies
Before making a final decision, review the warranty and return policies offered by the brand. It's essential to have peace of mind knowing that you can seek assistance or return the sunglasses if needed.


Selecting the perfect pair of retro sunglasses is an exciting journey that combines style, functionality, and personal preference. By understanding your face shape, considering your personal style, and evaluating factors like UV protection and lens quality, you can find a pair that complements your features and adds a touch of retro charm to your look. Remember to try them on, assess their comfort and clarity, and explore reputable brands to make an informed decision. Embrace the allure of retro fashion and enjoy the timeless appeal of your perfect pair of retro sunglasses.