Flat Top Sunglasses: The Unique Sunglasses You Should Try

When it comes to sunglasses, there's no denying they've been a fashion staple for decades. But what about the unique style of flat top sunglasses? From their origin story to the potential comeback they could make, this article will explore why you should consider trying out this distinctive look.

When Did Flat Top Sunglasses First Appear?

It's said that flat top sunglasses have been around since the 1940s, first becoming popular with soldiers stationed in Europe during World War II. Before then, tinted lenses were primarily used by pilots and aviators during the war as protection from the sun's rays. However, after the war ended, civilians began sporting these “aviator-style” glasses as a way to show off their aviation pedigree—in essence, giving birth to a new fashion trend: flat top sunglasses.

Why Flat Top Become a Trend?

The unique design of flat top sunglasses allowed them to become an immediate hit within popular culture. The shape of the frame contrasted heavily with more traditional styles at the time such as round-frame glasses or those with thicker arms like Wayfarer frames. This new look was seen as edgy and daring among many wearers and was often associated with counterculture movements such as rock music and punk culture.

The popularity of these glasses spread quickly over time, especially in Hollywood circles where stars like Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt often wore them on film sets or red carpets events—breath fresh air into otherwise stuffy events that had come to rely on mainstream fashion trends for years prior.

Is This Trend Making a Comeback?

The answer is yes! As popular fashion trends go through cycles it appears that once again people are turning towards the classic flat top style when deciding what kind of shades they want to wear. Its iconic look commands attention while its vintage roots give it just enough edge to stand out from other more modern styles that have become popular in recent years (such as aviator shades). Plus, due to its lasting popularity throughout dozens of generations there's something almost timeless about wearing this style which makes it even more appealing for current day wearers.

Are Flat Top Sunglasses Worth-Buying?

While everyone has different tastes when it comes to sunglasses, what's certain is that if you're looking for something unique yet timeless then these shades are definitely worth considering purchasing! Not only do they come in various colors and design variations but most brands carry different sizes so you can always find something suitable for your face shape and lifestyle. On top of all this, buying quality shades is just good practice—despite not being too expensive compared to designer frames (which are often hundreds of dollars), you'll be able to keep them longer knowing that if taken care properly they won't need replacing anytime soon!

How To Style Flat Top Sunglasses In Daily Life? 

Wear them anywhere! Whether you're headed downtown or doing some shopping up town - flat tops fit any wardrobe choice easily and stylishly! Taking into account how versatile these shades are it means you'll never find yourself locked into one particular style which gives you plenty of room when making decisions about your daily outfits.

We have several suggestions for you:

#A Tank Top with Leather Pants

With flat-top sunglasses, you can take any basic outfit up a notch. For example, combine flat-top sunglasses with a classic tank top and a pair of leather pants for a daring and edgy look that screams sophistication and fashionista. Leather pants always make an outfit appear put together as they give off an aura of style while flat top shades are the perfect way to add some attitude and flair without going overboard. This combination of timeless pieces not only gives off a cool hipster vibe but also serves as perfect casual day wear for any occasion.

#Black Dress: Make you super cool.

Flat-top sunglasses are a great way to style up any outfit -- especially when it comes to a classic black dress. This combination is particularly effective, as the flat tops provide structure and sophistication that complements the timelessness of the little black dress. You can take your flat top sunglasses, whether they feature a bold color or trendy pattern, and pair them with the black dress to craft an unforgettable look that will surely make you stand out in any crowd. With flat-top sunglasses and a black dress, it's hard to go wrong -- together, they'll make you look cool and pulled together for any occasion.

And since they cover partially cover your eyes (which adds even more mystery) they can also lend themselves well to facial expressions allowing you to express yourself loudly without having to say much at all.


To conclude, flat-top sunglasses are a distinctively stylish yet timeless fashion statement. Not only do they come in various colors and design variations but they are also suitable for different face shapes and lifestyles. No matter where or how you choose to wear these unique glasses, flat tops will remain an iconic accessory that won't go unnoticed.