Can I Get Rimless Glasses With High Prescription?

Can I Get Rimless Glasses With High Prescription?

Rimless glasses are super trendy, and as a result, they are becoming more popular. The multiple benefits it provides are to blame for its popularity. They are perfect for every season, are lightweight to wear, compliment all facial shapes, offer an unobstructed view, and most significantly, lend the wearer a professional yet glamorous appeal. It's no surprise that people want to try it on, whether for aesthetics or to improve their vision.

There is no issue with wearing rimless glasses for fashion reasons. On the other hand, people with prescriptions need to be cautious about rimless eyeglasses. This is especially true for individuals who have a high prescription. So whether or not you can wear rimless glasses with a high prescription is a challenging question to answer. Just stick around until the end to find out.

Are Rimless Glasses for High Prescription Viable?

Higher prescription lenses are thicker and require the support often provided by traditional full-rim glasses. However, rimless glasses can handle high prescriptions, provided you are willing to make some cautious choices. In a nutshell, rimless glasses for high prescription are viable under certain conditions.

How to Buy Rimless Glasses for High Prescription?

Because rimless glasses feature a borderless frame, there is no support for high prescription lenses. Since high prescription glasses are incredibly thick, only full-rim glasses can hold and support them.

Unfortunately, full-rim spectacles with thick lenses make you seem older and provide no aesthetic benefits. This may cause you to lose confidence in social situations, business meetings, or other situations. Moreover, they are typically uncomfortable and feel heavy on the face.

Thankfully, with frameless glasses, you may get away from the impression of looking old and uncomfortable eyeglass experience. Rimless glasses deliver cosmetic benefits while correcting your vision, whether low or high. But how can rimless glasses perform well even with a high prescription?

Well, there are two requirements to make this happen. First, be sure that your rimless glasses have higher index lenses, which are not thicker. Second, make sure that the lenses are as small as possible while yet covering the entire field of vision.

When both requirements are met, high prescription lenses are not heavier and can be sustained by rimless glasses. And when you switch to rimless glasses with a high prescription, you'll wonder why I didn't think of this earlier.

What Are High Index Lenses?

High index lenses bend light rays more effectively, ensuring a clear field of vision for persons with strong prescriptions. Such a high index of refraction is ideal for persons with myopia or nearsightedness who struggle to focus on distant things. They do, however, perform best for farsighted or hyperopic persons.

Polycarbonate lenses are made of a thinner material, making them exceptionally lightweight and well-fitted even on rimless glasses. Moreover, these are sturdy and may be used for your child. If you wear them, the anti-reflective coating considerably improves your look. Finally, because these are thinner, you may experiment with other rimless styles such as aviators, gold-silver frames, etc.

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Why Consider Rimless Eyeglasses for High Prescription?

If you wear conventional eyeglasses with a strong prescription, you are familiar with the hardships of coping with heavy pressure on the nose. Moreover, when you remove your glasses, you will see that your nose has unsightly nose pad marks. Worse, you feel tightness around your temples. But with better-performing rimless glasses, you may avoid all of this since the high prescription lenses utilized are lightweight, which means no more heaviness, tightness, or unsightly nose markings. All without compromising your vision. So, even if you have a high prescription, do yourself a favor and purchase rimless glasses.

Best Type of Rimless Glasses for High Prescription

Though rimless glasses are flattering on all face shapes, there are a few things to remember when purchasing one for high prescription eyesight.

Frames With Smaller Lens Area

You don't want others to realize that you're wearing strong prescription glasses, let alone require vision correction. And, despite choosing high index lenses, they are still a tad thick. When purchasing rimless glasses with high prescriptions, choose something with a smaller lens area.

Smaller frames, as opposed to larger angular frames with crisp edges, decrease distortion and hence provide the illusion of reduced thickness. Here is the ideal rimless glass with a smaller lens area for persons with a high prescription.

Frames With Round Edges

As we noted before, the larger the frame, the more likely thicker lenses will poke out. And you don't want to call attention to that. As a result, round-shaped rimless glasses are an excellent choice for high prescriptions since they have a smaller lens size and are thinner.

Rimless Glasses Alternative for High Prescription

Despite gaining clarity on the topic, you may still be hesitant about getting one for a high prescription, and that’s perfectly fine. Luckily, you have a viable option in the form of plastic frames. If you cannot get rimless glasses for a high prescription, choose plastic frames over metal frames. There are several reasons for this, which are detailed below:

Plastic frames disguise thick lenses better than full-rim metal frames despite their thickness.

Plastic frames with high prescription, like rimless glasses, are more lightweight than full rim glasses.

Plastic frames are easily adaptable to fit your persona, so you won't get the old-fashioned look that full-rim spectacles give.

With plastic frames, you may experiment with bold patterns and colors without feeling uncomfortable. This lets you be chic while also correcting your vision.

Important Thing to Note

Whether you purchase rimless glasses with a high prescription or a plastic frame with eye-catching patterns and vivid colors, you must ensure the correct pupillary distance, which is the distance between your pupils. The PD measurement is crucial for adequately mounting your high prescription lenses in rimless or plastic glasses. Failure to do so will result in visual damage, irritation, and even migraines. You must ensure proper lens placement by evaluating the PD to preserve vision and comfort.

Final Takeaway!

Since the question is about correcting your vision, explore eyewear collections that are high-quality, long-lasting, and use cutting-edge technology. Several fashionable rimless glasses on the market can be adjusted with a high prescription. Be choosy to reflect your personality and get the most out of your purchase.