Are White Sunglasses Douchey?

white sunglasses

Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. Depending on the style, they can protect your eyes from harmful rays and keep your look cool, casual, or more formal. Sunglasses are also a great way to make a statement, whether walking down the street, chilling with a friend in a cafeteria,  or attending a business event.

But not all sunglasses are created equal! And people are questioning some of the recent fads like white sunglasses. Are white sunglasses douchey? Do they make a negative first impression? Do they give off an obnoxious vibe? And so forth.

You may be among those. If so, there's good news. There are fifty shades of douchebaggery and white sunglasses are not one of them. Here's everything you need to know about wearing them like a pro:

White Sunglasses Are Anything But Douchey

Let's be real—white sunglasses are anything but douchey. They're one of the most classic and timeless styles out there. They're a safe choice for everyone from your grandmother to your boss to yourself.

White sunglasses were popularized in the 1950s as an alternative to black ones, which were considered too formal at the time. While their popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years (they hit an all-time low in 2009), this summer marks their biggest comeback yet—and for a good reason!

For starters, they look fantastic on literally everyone: black or brown eyes, blonde hair; brunette hair; redheads with freckles—you name it! They also work well with any outfit because you can pair them with pretty much anything from jeans and sneakers to dresses and heels.

So, no, white sunglasses are not douchey. If you wear them, you will enjoy the following merits:

White Sunglasses Makes an Amazing Accessory

White sunglasses make an excellent accessory. They can give off the impression that you're on vacation. And they can make a bold statement about your personality. White sunglasses are also timeless pieces that will never go out of style.

If you're wondering if white sunglasses are douchey, remember that they're a fantastic way to make an outfit pop and add flair to your look. Think happy-go-lucky yet edgy!

White Sunglasses Are Conversation Starters

But the essential thing about white sunglasses is that they are a conversation starter. People will feel like asking you what your style is and why you chose to wear them. This allows you to talk about your personal taste and hobbies. An opportunity to establish your presence.

The conversation can lead to great conversations with people interested in knowing more about you. You can use this as an opportunity to network with others who share similar interests or have common goals! Or, if you're lucky, you will get your crush to talk to you.

white sunglasses

What makes white sunglasses so versatile is that they can be worn with any outfit, whether casual or formal. You could wear them with your favorite pair of jeans to a family picnic or throw on a suit and tie and wear them while attending an office meeting.

The color complements all colors beautifully, making it easy for you to style your look in any way you want. They’re also great for fall because they give off warm air without being hot!

White Sunglasses Are Worth the Investment

White sunglasses deserve a place in your wardrobe. They’re an excellent investment because they can be worn for years, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay top dollar for them.

Online shops offer some of the best deals on white sunglasses, so it makes sense to buy them online. You could get a pair of white-framed aviators or cat eye for less than what you would pay at an actual store!

If you want to keep up with fashion trends without spending too much money on clothing or accessories, white sunglasses are worth trying.

Best White Sunglasses That Are Not Douchey

There are several styles of white sunglasses, each with its look and feel. Here are the best ones that don't make you look like a douchebag:

Cat-Eye White Sunglasses: These glasses have a slightly wider lens than average, giving them an eye-catching shape. They're great for rounder faces or people who want to look more animated and fun.

Embellished White Sunglasses: These have embellishments on the frames that add an extra flare! They're perfect for adding some personality to your outfit without making it too loud—and if you're wearing them in front of friends or family, they'll also help you stand out. Plus, they're super subtle designs available as well!

Round White Sunglasses: If you're looking for something simple but stylish (and comfortable), these might be right up your alley.

Oversized White Sunglasses - For those who aren't scared to mix the oversized style with white to create a profound effect. If you enjoy being the center of attention, these will help you stand out in a crowd!

Aviator White Sunglasses - They're great for people looking for something a little more conservative since they're more understated than some other styles on this list.

The list goes on. Several parameters influence whether white sunglasses look nice on you. They could give you a douche look if you don't obey them.

Not White, But These Sunglasses Are Douchey

It makes no difference whether the sunglasses are white or not. They will still be douchey if you don’t consider certain factors. So what are the telltale signs of douchey sunglasses? Find out below!

Ill-fitting sunglasses: You know when you look in the mirror and see that your sunglasses make your face look weird or they don't fit comfortably? That's a good sign that they're not suitable for you and are probably on their way out of style. Hence, before making any sunglass buying decision, do consider your sunglass size.

Sunglasses whose shape and style do not complement your face: If your glasses make it look like your eyes are too close together or too far apart, this is not flattering. The same goes if they accentuate a feature that's already prominent (like a large nose). Ideally, the shape of the glasses should balance out those features without drawing attention to them and overpowering other aspects of your face.

Cheaper quality sunglasses: Eyewear is essential! Don't purchase just because a certain sunglass is cheap. The consequences will be repeated repair or purchase and a threat to eye health. Investing in a quality pair will save you money over time since they will last longer than the cheaper ones (and hence will not need to be replaced as frequently). Also, it will not affect your eyes.

Dirty sunglasses: It should go without saying that dirty white glasses don't reflect well on your style—cleanliness is next to godliness, after all!

Key Takeaway!

While white sunglasses are an easy piece that anyone can pull off, you'll probably get some remarks about them. That's because, like most things in this world where style is concerned, there are rules to follow when wearing white sunglasses.

After all, don’t you think it will be bad to don embellished white sunglasses in an office meeting? It will look flashy and out of place. Plain white sunglasses would be a better alternative.

You can get them in many different styles and shapes to ensure that they complement your face and personality and fit the occasion. That’s all. White sunglasses are not douchey but, in fact, a big yes!!!

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