7 Signs You Need To Change Your Prescription Glasses!

How often do you replace your glasses?

Is it until it becomes like this?

Every item has its own service life and preservation cycle, glasses are a perishable item, we need to use glasses every day, over time the frame is prone to loosening and deformation, lenses are also prone to yellowing, wear and scratches, etc...

Here are 7 signs you need to change your prescription glasses!

1.The yellowing of the lenses

Glasses, whether glass, resin, or PC lenses, will age and turn yellow if they are worn for too long and exposed to UV light for too long.

This is especially true for lenses with long exposure to light (more exposure to UV rays), close contact with the skin (oil penetrating into the lenses), and low prescription lenses, which will yellow faster.

If the lenses become yellow, the optical properties will be weakened.Wearing yellowed lenses for a long time will definitely affect the vision health,such as: vision loss, visual fatigue, eye dryness, eye astringency and other symptoms.

2.Scratched lenses

Scratched lenses can make your vision unclear. Especially if the central pupil area is scratched, you should promptly go for a refitting of your lenses. This is because scratched lenses become less light transmissive and less clear. This causes the eyes to use more adjustment to see objects clearly, causing visual fatigue. At the same time, the lack of clarity can cause interference with the brain.

3.Peeling lens coating

The main reason for the peeling of the lenses is the chemical reaction of the lenses to high temperatures or special liquids (hand soap, shower gel, soap and other alkaline liquids). The detachment of the lens film is irreparable. If the dislodged position has affected the normal field of vision and its comfort, the eyes will use the ability to adjust in the case of lack of clarity, which will lead to visual fatigue for a long time, and the degree is likely to deepen. It is recommended to replace them immediately.

4.Peeling of the paint layer of the frame

If the frame paint layer is peeling off, one will affect the beauty of the glasses, and secondly, if the frame is made of alloy copper, it will rust and turn green, and the copper green is toxic and will corrode the skin.

5.Glasses frame deformation

Once the frames of the glasses are seriously deformed,it is impossible to restore them.And the distance between the mirror eyes, pupil distance, pupil height and astigmatism axis of the left and right eyes may change, which actually changes the parameters of the glasses.

6.Eyeglasses of improper prescription

Wearing glasses that are lower than they should be will cause myopic people to have lower than normal corrected vision. This can prevent the child from getting clear vision, which can lead to a decline in binocular vision and cause problems such as visual fatigue and accelerated myopia growth.

7.whenyou no longer like your glasses


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How often do people of different age levels need to change their glasses?


Many people prefer to get glasses based on their previous prescription when changing their glasses, which is inaccurate. Eye prescriptions change over time, especially for teenagers and the elderly, and simply fitting glasses according to previous prescriptions is a missed opportunity to correct vision and can accelerate vision damage.

This is also true for contact lenses, so always remember to get a new prescription each time you get your glasses fitted.

So, how often do people of different age levels need to change their glasses?

1.For children

Children and adolescents are in the growth and development stage, which is the peak period of eye use, and the prescription changes relatively quickly. Due to the long-term close eye use, myopia is easy to deepen. Children and adolescents need to go to professional opticians or optometrists or hospitals every 3 months or 6 months for a review, and if there is a change in prescription, it is time to replace the glasses.

2.For adults

Adults' vision is relatively stable, if there is no discomfort, wear glasses to see clearly,the American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends scheduling a comprehensive eye exam every 2 years.

3.For the elderly

Many elderly people wear presbyopic glasses for several years or even a dozen years out of frugality. There is no uniform time rule for the replacement of presbyopic glasses, when the elderly wear glasses to read newspapers and feel tired, eyes sore and uncomfortable, you should go to a professional optician or optometric institution, hospital for examination, according to the examination to determine whether the need for replacement, etc...


4 tips to protect our eyeglass frames!

  • Daily check whether the screws on the glasses are loose or the frames are deformed, and adjust them promptly if there are any problems.
  • Take off and put on glasses with both hands and place them on the table with the convex side of the lenses upwards.
  • It is recommended to use special detergent or neutral detergent to clean glasses instead of wiping them with glasses cloth.
  • Do not place in direct sunlight or high temperature environment to avoid damage to the optical function of the lens.