My favorite YouTuber

Since the creation of her channel in August 2017 to today September 17th, 2019, this girl from the Sichuan village of China has accumulated 6.35 million fans on YouTube, and the average daily video playback volume of these uploaded videos reached 3,824,555. In fact, she has 20 million fans in China with 30 million RMB annual income. So what kind of videos that make us pay so much attention to her — this delicate girl whose height is only 1.5 meters, who was abused and beaten into the ditch by her stepmother when she was 6 years old and dropped out of school to work when she was 14 years old?

In March 2016, Li Ziqi began to shoot short food videos and uploaded them on the MeiPai platform. Li Ziqi, who was not good at shooting and editing, followed her heart to shoot traditional food in memory. These traditional gourmet videos of "Top Stir-fried Termite Mushroom ", "Handmade Old Moon Cake", and " Daoxiao Noodles " have awakened the memories of many people.

Following the launch of "Lanzhou Beef Noodles" in November of that year, Li Ziqi’s single video playback volume was stable at more than 5 million. The playback volume of “The Swing” in April of the following year reached more than 10 million in 24 hours with the accumulative playback volume of more than 100 million. Since then, the playback volume of "Soy Bean Paste ", "Papermaking", "Han Makeup" and other videos had maintained at more than 50 million, and the playback volume of the topped video of " Earth Oven " has reached more than 280 million. (Above, Blog platform only). With 4.85 million YouTube subscriptions and 1.51 billion minutes of views, Li Ziqi was described as “a mysterious power from the East.” Some people joked that Li Ziqi’s YouTube channel is worth half of CNN and BBC. Li Ziqi's videos feature the idyllic pastoral style, which are beautiful every time, and the videos also show her excellent hands-on ability. The content videos she made include the production of traditional food, household products, raising silkworms to make silk quilt by herself, making ovens for baking bread, etc.

Corn Chips

Bamboo Sofa

Silk Quilt

These videos of Li Ziqi convey an ideal life of Shangrila. After watching these videos, everyone feels relaxed physically and mentally. But the real rural life is hard and busy. Of course, there were haters who commented that her videos were not true. In the face of the questioning of the skeptics, Li Ziqi's reply is sincere and direct, which enables us to love this video blogger more.


Translation:So don't think of my home as a fairyland, it's just a normal village. At most, the mountains here are higher, trees are more, and there are fewer people. of course, don't think of the countryside too relaxed and satisfied as well, because video is the only video after all, outside the video I still need to dig the ground, pull the grass and dig the pit, and the mosquitoes in the summer can also bite you to doubt the life, do you believe it?

Translation:It’s not the world paradise that everyone praises. I am not a fairy in paradise, either. Not to mention I need to plant flowers and crops, but I am also an ordinary person who needs to eat, drink and poop.