Do you really know blue light?

What is blue light? How much do you know about it?

Let us share with you some basic knowledge about the blue light.

Blue light is a natural part of the visible light,wavelength ranges from 400 nm to 500 nm. It’s the shortest wavelength but most energetic light in the visible spectrum.

It is at the high end of the light spectrum, right before UV.

Sunlight , LED lights, energy-saving lamps, various types of Yuba, fluorescent lamps, flat-panel displays, LCD monitors and mobile phone screens will emit blue light.

As anything has two sides, so has the problem of Blue light . It can boost our attention, reaction times, and mood during daylight hours. But if our naked eye exposed to the blue light for a long time, it will seriously accelerates the oxidation process of the macular area of the eye and also affects the cornea and tear film, even causes the diseases such as cataract & maculopathy.

We are living in a digital lifestyle, the electronics is everywhere. It causes us to be completely exposed to blue light everyday. 9 out of 10 people use digital devices and spend a minimum of eight hours a day staring at a computer screen.That's before counting the time they spend looking at other screens like cellphone and TV when they’re not at work.

It will get you eye strains and dry eyes by the end of the day. Also affect circadian rhythm which can compromise your sleep quality. Electronic devices should share part of the blame for poor sleep habits.

Blue light blocking glasses have gained popularity as a way to subdue digital eye strain and avoid disrupted sleep cycle. In addition, many of the frames also have glare reduction to prevent digital eye strain from looking at screens.

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