Check Out: Best sunglasses for small faces

Do you know the shape of your face? Do your sunglasses often touch your cheekbones? Do you often feel annoyed by the slipping of your glasses? If you have these problems, you probably belong to the small face people. For people with small faces, choosing sunglasses can be a difficult task. How sad it is when you choose a style of sunglasses only to find out that they don't fit your face shape.

But choosing the right pair of sunglasses for small faces is not mission impossible. Once you find the trick, you're sure to have the right one. Alright, let’s talk about the best sunglasses for small faces.

The features people with small faces have

A narrow, oval facial shape with a jawline that tapers into a V is called a small face. Also, a narrow face is considered small too. When getting an eyeglass, it will be helpful to consider that. There are so many celebrities with small faces today. They are part of what makes these eyeglasses for small faces popular.

Mostly, a person's face shape always matches with the body stature. If you’re blessed with a face on the smaller side, your dainty features don’t have to keep you from enjoying the contouring craze.

Now, we are going to tell you how to find the small faces fit.

Small Faces Fit

Thin Frames

Thin frames are a great choice for small faces. They’re less obtrusive than thick frames because they take up less space on the already limited real estate of a small face. Metal frames are always going to be the thinnest. They come thinner than plastic frames, so metal is a great thing to try. I know that I used to think that metal was kind of boring and to be fair. Sometimes it is but you can definitely find metal frames that are in interesting and exciting colors and styles. Also, because they’re thinner, they’re going to tend to work better on a smaller face and if you do prefer plastic frames you can also find thinner versions of plastic.


Top-Heavy Frames

Another great choice for small faces is top-heavy frames. It means any pair of sunglasses that are darker or thicker at the top than they are at the bottom. So a darker or thicker upper rim than the lower rim that also includes brow-line or club master style. Top-heavy frames are great for small faces but they’re not actually recommended for long thin faces so if you happen to have a long thin face or an oblong face shape, you may need to pick another style that suits your face shape.

Less Height

Many ladies with small faces find they do better with frames that have less lens height. If you find that too much lens height drowns your features, go for rectangular frames rather than square and oval frames rather than round. It is worth mentioning that narrow sunglasses are the current fashions. Small cat-eye sunglasses are the hottest style among fashion people. So we can tell fewer height frames can definitely meet your need.

Sunglasses Recommended

If you have a particularly small face and think nothing fits you, we have some options for you now.

The first one we are going to talk about is FINLEY.

FINLEY combines current fashion elements with simplicity and style. It embodies the current trend with its white frame and thick temples. These sunglasses are designed in a smaller size for people with small faces. It has a narrower width than normal sunglasses, which ensures that the sunglasses do not slip off the face when worn by people with small faces. At the same time, abandoning the use of oversized frames, FINLEY ensures sophistication and style, while better displaying the facial features of people with small faces.

There are various color options. FINLEY not only has classic black and white but also has stylish blue, pink, and fluorescent yellow.


The second one we recommended is CECILIA.

I believe that all fashion sunglasses lovers will fall in love with CECILIA the moment they see her. The metal material guarantees high quality. With the most classic black lenses and gold temples, how can you not add a pair of CECILIA to your sunglasses cabinet?

For small faces, the advantage of these shades is that they have a thin frame and less height. As we mentioned above, the thin frame is the most advantageous for small faces - they are not too heavy compared to bold sunglasses. The classic color scheme allows CECILIA to have its own fashion expression in any style of wear. Whether it's a shirt for summer, a dress for fall, or a coat for winter, she's the one choice that can't go wrong. She is definitely an indispensable partner for someone who loves fashion.


Final Words

In the world of fashion, there is no inherent fit or unfit. As a small face, you can also pursue oversized sunglasses, as long as you look hard enough, you can also find sunglass that is the right size and can satisfy you. SOJOS will continue to work hard to produce more quality sunglasses for all kinds of people who love fashion and to provide customers with more choices.