Best Polarized Sunglasses 2023

When you are choosing sunglasses for your summer vacation, you always need to pay attention to the protective effect of the sunglasses. I'm sure you've noticed polarized sunglasses, but you may be confused as to what kind of sunglasses is called polarized sunglasses and what exactly polarized means? Let's take a look at the meaning of polarized and the best-polarized sunglasses in 2023.

What are polarized sunglasses?

Light travels in waves, which means it vibrates. Normally, light vibrates in multiple directions. But when light bounces off a horizontal surface like snow, water, or the roof of a car, it only vibrates in one direction, horizontally. This process is called polarization.

Polarized lenses are treated with a chemical that filters out light. However, the filter is applied vertically, so vertical light can pass through, but horizontal light cannot.

Think of it this way: imagine a picket fence with an inch between each slat. You could easily slide a popsicle stick between the slats if you hold it vertically. But if you turn the popsicle stick sideways so it’s horizontal, it can’t fit between the slats of the fence.

That is the general idea behind polarized lenses. Some vertical light can pass through the filter, but horizontal light, or glare, is unable to make it through.

What are polarized sunglasses for?

Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

- A cooler appearance

Polarized Sunglasses usually come with different frame designs while ensuring glare reduction. You can have a great coating and at the same time have a variety of styles to choose from.

- A greater clarity

  Polarized Sunglasses enhance color perception and contrast which helps improve vision. They also improve visual accuracy by providing enhanced depth perception. By reflecting light and reducing irritation to the eyes, it effectively makes the field of view we can see clearer and more colorful. Otherwise, what you see may be a grayish blur. This can be especially helpful for people with certain conditions like cataracts or macular degeneration.


- A better protection

Research indicates that glare from the sun can cause fatigue. Glare forces your eyes to work harder while they try to interpret the information they’re taking in. This kind of overwork is also called eye strain, which can cause your eyes to feel tired, sore, or impossible to keep open. With the glare reduction function, polarized lenses can help make your eyes feel less tired, prevent associated headaches (especially when you're on or near the water), and make your surroundings appear sharper.

What to consider when choosing polarized sunglasses

The most important step in choosing polarized sunglasses is choosing a high-quality filter. filters are essentially invisible. They are built into the lens itself to limit or eliminate the amount of light entering the eye. Polarized lenses use this filter to not only reduce glare but also to make the image look clearer and sharper, as well as to increase comfort and visual clarity.

Also, long-wave UVA light comprises about 95 percent of the ultraviolet light that reaches the eyes. The remaining 5% is UVB light, the part of the UV spectrum that causes sunburn. Eye protection must be effective against both UVA and UVB light. So when choosing polarized sunglasses, pay extra attention to whether it is 100% UV protection. effective glasses block or limit infrared heat and UVB light.

Best Polarized Sunglasses 2023


1 Hazel is a pair of very attractive sunglasses. She is the hottest aviator style in recent years. The slab frame shape and high-quality materials give this pair of shades a premium look. Most SOJOS sunglasses meet the condition of additional polarized coating, which makes this pair keep your eyes safe while ensuring a fashionable look. Even now, when summer is coming to an end, it is still a good time to buy a pair of Hazel, which will fit well with your autumn and winter outfits. If you want to go skiing in winter, make sure you take her with you to give you a perfect guarantee for your ski trip!

polarzied sunglasses


2 The most classic design is Aviator. ARYA from SOJOS is a nice pair. Made from acetate, the temples have a wire core to which the five-barrel hinges are mounted for a stronger pair of shades. They're light, and the frames are large enough to fully block out the sun. They don't slip down my nose, even when I'm sweating buckets.


3 If you're not interested in the first two, I'd like to recommend May. The first two I recommend are classic aviator sunglasses with thin frames. Although the style of aviator sunglasses is not limited, May will be more suitable for women who like cute styles. The round frame design will look greater and sweeter for women. With a long dress and hair accessories, you will look very French style.

polarized sunglasses


4 My Mind is a very classic cat eye sunglasses. But what makes her special is that her design is a little more compact than the average sunglasses. The delicate size makes her an Asian Fit. She won't slide down the bridge of your nose and won't look like a behemoth on your tiny face like oversized sunglasses. If you have a small face or a narrow face, I highly recommend My Mind, which comes in a variety of colors and gives you a pair of polarized sunglasses as well as a great fashion accessory.

polarized sunglasses


polarized sunglasses

5 Phoenix is a Jackie O style sunglasses. To this day Jackie O is still considered one of the most culturally influential and recognizable First Ladies and has been titled numerously as a cultural icon. In addition to meeting the Jackie O style, Phoenix is also a pair of oversized sunglasses. For eye protection purposes, oversized sunglasses cover more field of view and reduce the damage of the sun on your eyes. Equipped with a polarized coating, the double protection gives you 100% peace of mind even under the fierce sun.


How much do polarized sunglasses cost?

Compared to other sunglasses, polarized sunglasses may have a higher price. But it depends on the design and quality they have. To get a good pair of sunglasses, it’s worth paying this amount of money.